Holier Than Thou?

Have you ever met anyone that you’ve judged as “holier than thou?”

“The phrase “holier than thou” is typically meant ironically to refer to someone who wrongly thinks they are morally superior to others.”

Last night, I went out to dinner with some very good friends and laughed and even sang out loud from my role in the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Everyone laughed and had a good time, and it seemed that they were surprised to see me act like this. But, really, it was and is the real me and I was glad to let it out last night.

It’s actually come to my attention that some people might judge me as “holier than thou.” I’ve even had people tell me they were happy to see that I was human sometimes. What?  I’ve been around the block and back many times and lived and still live a very full and fun life. I even like watching the show “Scandal.” Oh, my, I’ve admitted it in writing.

I understand where I’ve been and where I now am, and I’ve given my life to the service of others through ministry. Ministry in a New Thought philosophy which has nothing to do with dogma, rules and piety. I am far from “holier than thou.” I am a real person with feelings. I make mistakes and I am always on the path of self-discovery. I think sometimes my faith in Principle and willingness to apply it to my life on a daily, moment-by-moment basis and my unwillingness to give into the thought of duality, might give me the look of someone who is “holier than thou.” If that is it, then I am guilty.

I rely on Principle. I am never satisfied to just think something has to be the way it is. I believe that beyond all seeming troubles, there is a perfect life. It is waiting to be revealed in each of us, by each of us. I believe and trust the journey that each person is on, and know it is not my position to interfere with anyone’s journey. I do my own spiritual work, and because I do, I can be a presence for others… if called upon.

Am I “holier than thou?” I don’t see myself as that. I just see myself as someone who is doing her very best to live the Principles she says she believes in. I want to walk my talk and then be able to talk my walk.

Why would we put another person on trial for being “holier than thou” and then wait for them to fall off their pedestal. I’ve witnessed that in the way we look upon our heroes and heroines sometimes. People just seem a little more relatable to, if we can bring them down to our level of understanding of life.

I trust I never do this and that I live an exemplary life. I trust that I encourage all people to step into their magnificence, because I believe and see it in each person. “Holier than thou” is an illusion. I think it is a glass we are looking through that shows us what we believe to be our short-comings. Really, we have none. We are all exactly on the path where we have placed ourselves. We are in charge of what we think, do and how we live. It’s really all perfect. That is not just lip service. I really mean it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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