Destination: Mainland

Today, I began what I am calling my 13-day pilgrimage to the Mainland. I am a bit tired, although I met my intention of sleeping through my redeye flight, turbulence and all. I am visiting my mom, who just lost her husband of 20 years, and then my family in New York. I sandwiched my trip with LA so I could visit my spiritual family here and not have to make the 5000 mile trip to the East Coast in one day.

So, it’s Day 1. I always hate leaving Kaua’i. I feel like I’m being pulled off the rock while holding on with all of my Spirit. Finally, when I realize I’m really going, I take a deep breath and jump into the moment by moment adventure. Once I’m on the plane, I can do this.

This time, I’ve made some intentions for myself: 1) I travel like a Queen, 2) I am a presence of love and peace, 3) Ease and Graceful travel, 4) I am open to miracles and new discoveries, and 5) I connect in a deep way wherever I go.

It is important to set intentions for the experience we wish to have. Going into the world in a happenstance way creates a happenstance life. I am not interested in being a victim of circumstance. Setting intentions puts me in the driver’s seat, and yet leaves me open to the new.

My first day included an upgrade in my seat on Delta and enjoying an unplanned meditation class. The meditation was about being open to not knowing what is going to happen. I like that idea and am adding it to this journey.

So, whatever else today holds, I am in the moment and open. Oh…and I have a question I ask myself every tine I have any kind of  seeming conflict and nervous energy: Breathe and ask. “What would God do?” I take a deep breath and listen. I receive remarkable inspiration in the moment with this question.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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