Traveling in the Heart of God

Well, I left Los Angeles on January 31. I am finally checked into my hotel here in Palm Beach ready to visit with my mom tomorrow. It’s midnight ET on February 1.

I had the most amazing trip. It was long, but I had great spiritual insights along the way. The most important was the realization of oneness. It was huge. I sat there in the airport, watching all these individual lives. This would, at one time, overwhelm me. How many individual expressions of God can there be? It is mind-boggling.

Then, I remembered the film “3 Magic Words.” Everything was happening in my own mind, and all the people were one with me. At times, I felt like that scene in “The Peaceful Warrior,” when he is told by his sensei that everything matters, and suddenly, everything is in slow motion. It happened to me – kisses between lovers, conversations that I couldn’t hear, but only feel…

I also noticed all the amazing people who were in my field. Everyone was smiling and if they weren’t, I could feel their sadness. It was definitely a Knowing that I will keep with me for the rest of my trip and beyond.

I felt it on the plane, too. Anytime, I would feel any bit of nervousness at all. I would just settle into the oneness. “I am traveling in the Heart of God.”

My time here in Florida is a moment-to-moment experience. There is something very important about me being here. I know it reveals itself with ease and grace.  Also, whenever there is any tenseness, I ask, “What would God do here.” The answer is instantaneous.

Also, if you are in doubt at all, Spiritual Mind Treatment works. I’ve had instantaneous demonstrations several times. Don’t believe me, try it yourself.

It’s late and I need to go to sleep. It’s good know that I am sleeping in the Heart of God – my heart and yours. There is no distance, nor time, nor space.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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