I’ve Landed

My first day on the Mainland proved to me that there is no time. I dropped into bed at around midnight California time, gave my husband one last call for the day and realized that it had been not even 24 hours since I left Kaua’i. How could one day hold so much and seem like a year? There is no time for sure. I know I can continue down this path of staying in the moment with all my intentions evolving moment by moment.

Of course, being willing to change my mind is integral to everything. When we live in the moment, we are faced with limited choices of how to spend that moment. I am having lots of opportunities to choose.

This time in LA for two days is great grounding for the rest of my trip. I am nurtured and cared for and I get to nurture also.

This morning, not only am I making lasagna, but I was just left in charge of two beautiful large dogs – Cooper and Mia. Now, if you know me, you know that dogs are not my forte. In fact, I have, in the past, feared large dogs. These two are somehow different. I have become Auntie Rita. When my friends left for the morning, leaving them in my charge, I didn’t know I would be going back to having a toddler. I’m spending every moment making sure they are not chewing on something or eating a plant, digging something up, and yes, I think catching a bird, although all I see are the two feathers brought into the house.

What is the spiritual message behind all this? I am open to infinite blessings on this trip, great surprises and an abundance of love. Cooper and Mia are showing up in just that way. There is nothing like an animal to show us unconditional love. Staying in the moment is full of surprises.

Being open to the moment is not about just letting “anything happen.” It is about being clear about what we want to experience and then not naming how it shows up. It could be a puppy, a passerby on the street or an amazing conversation with someone. It could be a surprise visit from an old friend or being offered an experience of Pilates and turning it down for a walk instead, or choosing what movie you’ll watch. Life is filled with infinite choices, big ones and seeming little ones. The size doesn’t matter because each choice is an opening to more expansion and opportunities to grow. I do not take “choices” for granted.

I’m grateful for this trip I chose to take. It is a choice that is bringing gifts in every moment. Those gifts all have to do with how I choose to perceive them and receive them. Am I open to the gifts of each moment? The answer is unfolding.

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