As a Minister of New Thought who promotes positive thinking, I am often asked what you do when you are with people who might not think positively. What do you do when conversations are in the lower realms of complaining and negativity? What do you do?

I had an experience like that yesterday. I was on a plane on my way to New York, and there were some issues with the flight causing its delay. The people around me were in an uproar, muttering, complaining and saying things like “What’s going to happen next?” It was quite intense.

The first thing I acknowledged was that this was all happening in my own mind. If you believe in oneness then that means its always oneness, not just when its pleasant. I asked myself what in me is in an attitude of delay. I had a lot of things that came up, so I treated my mind for perfect flow and perfect timing. I let go of any obstacles in my mind that were keeping me from moving forward with my trip.

The people continued to complain. I offered a few positive words, but right away, I saw that my words had no impact. Then I did something else.  I remembered that “one alone in consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” I silently treated and then went back to my reading. I said nothing.

I have to say at times the chatter coming from others was quite grating on my nerves, but I just kept treating. I realized that every single thing they said was something within me that needed revealing and healing. I simply let it go and went back to my reading.

After awhile the mood changed in the people next to me. Their complaining didn’t stop, but they began to joke about it and laugh. When they missed their connecting flight, they really took it well. I treated for them again, acknowledging that their trip was in perfect timing.

The reason I could do all this in the middle of what could have been a stressful time is because I practice this everyday. I do not wait until I hit a challenge to suddenly pull out my God card. I play my deck all the time.

So, today, my trip continues. I am in its most challenging leg of the journey, but I know I can continue to play my God deck all the way home. There is a card for every experience: patience, love, wisdom, peace, harmony, balance and more. What card will you play today? You have them all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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