There is Always MORE…

I had the most amazing day yesterday. My sister and I decided to go into NYC to see a Broadway show. For some of us, it might have seemed stressful. It was snowing and it was about 30 degrees. I was in NYC walking, slipping sliding on the slick sidewalks, pressed up again people in subways, standing in the cold waiting to get tickets to the show and so much more. That was what was happening in the world of form; but in my mind, I was having the time of my life. I have to say it will go down as one of the best days of my life.

What made it so spectacular? We laughed. We ate great food. We were grateful for everything. I was totally living fully. I wasn’t worried about anything. I trusted the Universe. I was in the moment. I trusted in my ability to demonstrate whatever I wanted that day to be. I was at ease even in the intense energy of that City.

We wanted to see the play Waitress. At one point we began to compromise, getting ourselves ready for disappointment. We began to recite our second choices of shows. Then, I just looked at my sister and said, “We did our Treatment work. God doesn’t compromise.” We had already decided what show we wanted to see. A few minutes later we were ushered to the front of the line and secured our 9th Row Orchestra Center seats for Waitress.

This is just a simple example of what I call embodiment. “I knew that I knew.” People will ask, “How do I do that?” How do I learn to “know that I know.”

I’ve been in this teaching – the Science of Mind and Spirit – for a very long time. The only answer I can offer is to keep on practicing trust and faith. Do it in small ways like the way I stated above. Take it one step at a time. Practice, practice, practice. Work on your relationship to your Higher Power, whatever you call it.

It is about letting go and accepting the Truth that the Universe is for you not against you. It is about knowing that you deserve the best. It is about accepting the Truth that life is  a loving and fulfilling experience. It doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges, or that you live in a Utopia, or that you just coast through life. I does mean that within your being is everything you could ever require to live the life you choose to live.

If I want to experience something, I must allow myself the right to experience it. I must know that I am equipped with everything for that experience – health, wealth, creativity, love.

We are powerful beings. Refrain from saying “I can’t believe that happened” when something great happens. Ernest Holmes once said that we should not be surprised when we demonstrate something we want. We should be surprised if we don’t and then look at our process and find out why we did not. The answers lie within each of us.

I am grateful for this NYC experience. At one point, we were hopping on a subway in rush hour. We kept running for the next open door because there was no room. Finally, my son urged us to get into the train now. I thought there is no way we will fit on this train. There was such a small space and there were three of us. However, we did. I was literally pressed up against strangers, holding onto my son’s back so as not to fall. “Wow, pressed up against and overflowing with my Good and there is still more room.” There is always more room! There is always more Good!

What I know is that when I am clear, when I surrender to the Good, and when I give up my compromises, when I realize there is always more, my life does unfold in all its perfection.

Aloha from NYC!

Rev. Rita

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