Need an Upgrade?

I’ve been thinking a lot about upgrades and expansion while traveling this past month. I just like upgrades. My husband always lets me know that when I travel I should travel like a queen. I go with this attitude. Now, I haven’t totally upgraded myself to a first class consciousness, but I do accept upgrades at the level of my consciousness right now, and I know I’m on my way in that direction. I know that this is how I grow in consciousness. I stretch my comfort zone a little at a time.

I’ll use the metaphor of flying, and then you can translate it to your own life. Let’s say you are choosing a seat on a plane. It used to be that you just chose a seat and that was it. Now you pay different prices for different seats. The lowest price you can pay puts you without an assigned seat, and they give it to you at the last moment. I used to do this, but now I don’t anymore. I’d rather pay the extra money to know I have a seat as close to where I want it as possible.

How does this relate to life? Well, do you just wait to see what happens, or do you walk through life making decisions and being clear on what you want. Do you give that little extra that’s needed. If it entails, giving a little more of yourself, are you willing or is it easier to just coast and hope that it will all work out? Do you accept the crumbs or do you want more for yourself?

The Universe or Law answers us in exactly the way we speak to it. It gives us back our thoughts and feelings in the world of form as our experiences. We might not like to think we have this responsibility, but we cannot escape it. When we are clear and make decisions from a clear place, we will be answered in kind. The question is:  do we believe enough in the Law and ourselves to know that the It will meet our demands? If I spend that little extra to get that better seat, do I believe that I will meet that demand in kind? If I don’t, I better not do it. I need to begin by upgrading my consciousness. That takes working on my feelings of self-worth and self-love.

On my recent trip what I noticed was that when I walked through the experience with the idea that I deserved that royal treatment, I received it. Abundance appeared in unusual and unexpected ways. My seats were exchanged for even better seats. Amenities I didn’t know existed were made known to me.

It’s all about consciousness. There is nothing else. That is where it begins. If we want life’s upgrades, we have to be willing to pay for it in consciousness. It doesn’t mean we jump to first class, but we can begin in small ways to upgrade our life’s experience. We can make better choices for ourselves. We can give a little more.

You know, you cannot out give God. I heard that mantra once. and it’s been a good one for me. Anytime, I want to hold back my money or myself, I say, “You can’t out give God.” It means that there is always more in an abundant Universe. It might mean giving a little more in a tip or to your spiritual source. When we stop holding onto our money or ourselves, more flows in. I proved that this last month.

We are meant to be abundant and to live abundant lives. That is what we are. It starts in consciousness. We prove that consciousness by letting go and releasing our hold on our ability to give and to receive. Everyday, we can experience an upgrade by upgrading our consciousness and then putting it to practice in small ways and then bigger and bigger ways.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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