No Such Thing as Ego?

What if there were no such thing as ego? I woke up with that question this morning. First, I have to define what I mean as ego. To me, it is the self that finds itself apart from everything. It is separation. It struggles for survival by making sure that it is seen, heard, and dominant. It wants to be better than, recognized, and it firmly believes that it is right all the time. It is not bad or evil; it is just like a child that wants its way. It struggles to hold on, because if it lets go it is afraid of dying. Those of us who identify strongly as ego don’t even realize that we are doing so. We just think it is normal to live life like this.

My mentor and teacher, Dr. James Mellon used to identify ego as e.g.o. or edging God out. This makes sense to me. as ego only sees itself and its own survival. It doesn’t see others as part of itself, or God in others, or even as the Self. God doesn’t struggle. God doesn’t need to be anything. God isn’t afraid. God just is Love.

My mentor and teacher also defined another type of ego – the Real E.G.O., which is Entertaining God Only. This is also spoken of by Ernest Holmes when he discusses Ego as the True Self, the “God Self,” the “I Am” of the Bible.

What a difference this makes in one’s life! Can you imagine living in a world with no egos and only Ego? We surely would have a different experience with eac/h other. We would always be acting in consideration of the whole. We wouldn’t feel threatened by anything or anyone. We would know that everything is God, and we would treat each other and ourselves that way. We wouldn’t be struggling to be seen or heard or to be superior over others. We would just be and live life to the fullest expression of ourselves and allow others the same privilege.

I invite us all to work on this idea – play with it in our minds and really try it out. What if there wasn’t a fight or a struggle? What if we didn’t have to be right? What if there was room for all of us, all our ideas? What if the playing field was so large, so infinite, that there was always more where that came from? /

Let’s stop edging God out and entertaining the idea that all there is – is God? This is what is meant by all there is is Good. Everything is Good and is for us. If things look bleak or unsteady or irritate us or hold us back from Love, it just means that something is coming up to be healed. We are edging Good out. Let’s start the healing right now – Revealing our “I Am” and seeing it everywhere we go.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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