Time to Change Where It Matters

There has been so much to digest lately coming from the world of form. Shootings, gun violence, unpredictable government leaders, even the sudden death of friends. I could be overwhelmed by I am not; the reason being that I understand that everything is an effect and not a cause. I can’t change any of these things. I can only change the way I think and approach everyday reality. As Wayne Dyer put it, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I am praying for and continuing to practice peace and love in my own life. I am speaking out and acting from that place. However, more than anything else, I am working on realizing that there is only Good. That everything else is the “absence of Good.” There is no evil, only the absence of Good.¬† If I can continue to stay with that and keep the High Watch, I know I can make a difference.

I was so grateful to see the children stand up yesterday to the shootings in Florida. The fact that they didn’t wait for change, but as they said, “became the change,” is a huge step in the direction of peace. Sometimes, if we just say, “Enough is enough” in our own lives and really mean it, we will experience the biggest shifts. I know I’ve done this with health issues, finances and more.

Enough is enough and now it is time for me to put my consciousness smack in the middle of whatever is occurring and shift it in my own mind. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the amazing healer and teacher of the 19th and 20th Century said it like this, “I work the works of God, who works through me to will and do that which ought to be done by me.” Of course, when I speak of God, I’m talking about the Power that lies within me and all of us. It also surrounds us and infuses all of creation.

Another thing I realized yesterday is this. If we think things aren’t changing fast enough, think about it again. We have been downloading the wrong information for 2000 years or more. We are born into a race consciousness that believes in violence, that believes that God is vengeful, that believes war, poverty and disease are the norm, that is trained in self-loathing and condemnation, that never feels good enough. How can we expect to change when we are coming from that?

Well, the good news is that we can consciously change all that by saying enough is enough and getting a new idea, even if we don’t see it. It is time now to get a new idea. When we witness the poverty, the violence, the disease, realize that they are effects. They are not cause. They are the wrong use of the Power that we all use. Start using it now correctly in the only place you can use it – for yourself.

Once we change, and become the change, we can begin to make a difference. Thank you, to the youth of Florida and all over for pointing the way and becoming the change they want to see. I continue to be inspired and I continue to persevere in spite of it all, because I know that Perfect Love can only win. Everything else is a big lie.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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