Something’s Changed…

Last night, we experienced our second class in a series we are teaching called “The Abundance Project.” I looked at Patrick when I came home and said, “I think this is really the best class we have ever taught.”

Now I know we are good teachers and that we always impart our passion and love and knowledge of this Science and Philosophy to others in a fun and engaging way, but there is something very different about this class. A big shift is taking place in us.

What is it? I feel that it is our conviction and decision to experience demonstration during this class. It is our clarity about the Law and the knowing that it is working in our lives. It is about the faith and trust that allows us to let go of the outcome and just know that we know. What I am also experiencing is that because we feel this way, our fellow students have jumped on board with the same zeal.

Now last night, something very significant happened. We came up against our first seeming obstacle. It lay in the field of forgiveness of the past. I call it “seeming” because it is not real in a spiritual sense.

For a moment, we were all stunned by our emotions after doing a particular money exercise and then a forgiveness exercise. However, what I knew is that what we were “up against” was only thought, deep held beliefs and as Ernest Holmes would put it created from the “chaos of old night.” I am sure many of us can identify with this. You are on the path to succeeding and suddenly you are confronted by something or someone that represents the feeling that you just can’t get through that one thing or you’ll never get it.

IT’S A LIE, and I stick to it.  There is nothing we cannot “get through.” In fact, we do not have to get through anything. All of life is an experience in this great plane of action and it has no more importance than we give it. Life is for us not against us. There is a Power within us that knows all, supports our very life, never dies, and lives through us in all its perfection…if we allow it too. However, if we want to continue to put ourselves through suffering, it says yes, too.

Last night I did a treatment to release everything standing in the way of love, joy and abundance for our students. I asked myself and my students to trust that my Treatment is doing its work. Trust the process.Trust the Law.

We are all making big changes right now. There is shift occurring everywhere. Children are standing up empowered. People are finally pursuing the dreams they’ve put off for eons. Great spiritual leaders are speaking and being listened to. Scientists are proving what the mystics have known all along. And, yes lots of people are leaving us, too. I have to trust that, too. Life is for us, not against us.

There is no one standing in the way of our life besides ourselves. And, if something very deep and sorrowful is going on right now, I know that there is something coming up to be known, to be healed and to be released. I am trusting in the process of life, its mysteries and its goodness. Sometimes living in the mystery is all I can do, and then the awakening comes. I trust that, too.

Love and aloha,

Rev. Rita

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