To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade…

Do you like upgrades? I remember when we all upgraded from using html on our computers to Windows. Yes, I am that old. In fact, at one time I did my college papers on a typewriter. Oh…I didn’t start college until my 30’s. I was happy for the computer when it came about in my junior year, but then to have to upgrade to Windows? I resisted. I’d just learned all those html codes. Windows would take a lot of work, so I thought. We all know now how easy it is to use Windows or our Mac computer, or is it?Not for everyone I guess. I know a lot of older people who resist their cell phones and computers. It’s just not worth it to them. And, then there are are children who have no resistance at all. They just pick up all this technical stuff and use it. Choices…

Where am I going with this? Upgrading takes the willingness to learn something new. When it comes to upgrading our consciousness, we have to be willing to think differently and put it into action.

I recently went on a trip. I was tired of sitting in the back of the plane or not knowing where my seat would be. I decided to pay that little extra to secure a seat toward the front of the plane, where I prefer to sit. In order to do this, I had to learn something new. Not something in the way of intelligently figuring it out, but I had to release the old thought that I couldn’t afford to do this and accept the new thought that I deserved this and that I would be met by a Universe that backs my demands. And, then I couldn’t just think about it, I had to put it into practice.

Right now, we are beginning our search for a new home. We’ve alway had homes to live in here on Kaua’i. We built that consciousness back in Los Angeles, where for eleven years we lived in apartments, until the day that we said, “We want to live in a house.” We had to release our consciousness that we had adopted that said we couldn’t have a house in Los Angeles. We had to learn something new and then put it into action.

I watched a Ted Talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza yesterday, where he said putting our intentions into action is what seals the deal with our brains and we actually create a new neuro-pathway. If we persist, we will lose the old idea because it has nothing to support it any more. All the energy is going to the new idea and it becomes stronger and stronger.

In our philosophy, we call it “embodiment.” It’s when we get the click. The mystics have been telling us this for centuries. In the early 20th Century, Dr. Ernest Holmes challenged us over and over to take Spirit into living. We were told the necessity of getting out of our heads and using it.

So, if you asked me how do I upgrade my life, I would say, firstly understand how the Law of the Universe works. It always says yes to the impress of our thoughts.

Secondly, get into sync with that. Stop thinking about things and experiences that you do not want in your life. If you can’t stop thinking about it, find out why – get to those beliefs and get help changing them. Use Spiritual Mind Treatment or whatever form of healing you use. Mostly and in the end it takes a decision to do so. Just decide.

I remember the day I found myself buying someone else a Starbucks $20 certificate as a present and in the same exchange would not buy myself a banana for $1. I thought it was too expensive, even though in the moment I was hungry. I saw the absurdity of this moment and said “Enough is enough.” I made a decision to treat myself better. We have to decide.

And then, thirdly, we have to begin to live that way. We have to act as if.

I know this works, because I’ve proved it and continue to prove it. Obviously, now Science is proving it all through quantum physics and more. Joe Dispenza in his new books says, “Don’t wait for Science to give us permission to do the supernatural. Do the supernatural and then let science change its paradigm to explain it.”

Our life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. I believe that. Dr. Dispenza (if you know his story) healed himself of a spinal injury through this method. Because, he proved it to himself, he’s been able to help millions of people. In the end, that is what it is truly about – helping each other. We are all in this thing called life together. We have everything we could ever require to have amazing lives, but he have to be willing to upgrade our thinking and take the steps to prove our upgrade by living it.

I guess I could still be living an html life, but think of all that I would have missed out on. Wow, it’s so much simpler now and fun!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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