Last night we watched the film “Heal” as a community. It was a profound experience for everyone and left us with the understanding that we (each of us) had the power to heal our lives. The film shared different philosophies and modalities of healing, based in faith and the scientific. It left us free to decide for ourselves how we would pursue the idea of healing.

However, through it all, one thing was prevalent, and that was that it didn’t matter what modality of healing we used – the one and only modality is belief and that is something unique to each individual. We have to choose to believe we can be healed and then everything else follows.

One of the person’s in the film that stood out to me was Dr. Joe Dispenza, who healed himself of a spinal injury through the use of the mind. He went on to have career in helping others to use their innate ability to heal through the study of quantum physics, epigenetics, and the mystical and metaphysical. Drjoedispenza.com

What I love about all of this is the fact that on the very first page of the Science of Mind text, Ernest Holmes states that the day will come when science and religion walk hand in hand from the visible to invisible. The day has arrived, and what is so fantastic to me is that Ernest Holmes and mystics before his time were proving these principles without scientific evidence in a petri dish or with instruments to measure brain waves, etc. They studied, but the studying they did was through deep inquiry into their soul-self, their intuition, their connection to the mystical, and then bringing that out into experience and testing it. Ernest always said if you couldn’t bring Spirit to living it had no use and that we should prove the Principle and not get caught in the theoretical.

So, for me, I think it is great that Science if finally proving what the Ancients have known all along. However, what I know, is that Science can prove and prove again, but each of us is still responsible for taking that proof and proving it to ourselves. We cannot live on another man’s faith or experiments. We are all individuals coming from the same Source with choice and volition, and our healings are individual.

In the end, I think it is all about getting over our “stuff” so we can live fully and assist others. If Dr. Dispenza had not taken the time and surrender to deep faith to prove that he could heal from the spinal injury, he would never had been able to move on and share his great knowing with us. Yes, that is an extreme case; but, if he could do that, think about what we can do.

However, if we choose to continue to wallow in our past woes, feel like victims, point outward and hold onto our choice not to forgive everything, not even try to change, or surrender to trust and faith, we cannot move forward. We cannot expect the results we would like to experience. The spiritual life is not easy.  It takes commitment, conviction and surrender. I believe it all leads to self-love.

I am so grateful today for the knowing that I can heal my own life and that by doing so I can make some kind of impact in the one Mind that we all share. I’m knowing the same for all of us who choose to embark on this journey.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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