Causing Effect

If I am learning anything from Quatum Physics at all, it is that we are energy. I am doing a meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza where he asks us to feel the space between our bodies and space and even within our own eyes, throat, etc., and space. It is a profound meditation, and the feeling I get from the whole thing is that I am energy.

Energy is just another word for Spirit. Sometimes the scientific word lands better with people. They want to know that it has been proven. However, what I know is in the end we all have to prove these things for ourselves. The greatest scientist or mystic cannot give us faith no matter how much proof they show us from their labs.

Faith isn’t something we get. It is something we already have. It is just a matter of where we are placing it. What do you have faith in? I truly have faith that life is unfolding perfectly in perfect time all the time.

So, what does this all have do do with living. So what if I am energy! So what if I have faith! Am I using any of this knowing to have a better life? That is the question I must ask myself. My answer is yes. I apply everything I hear or read that is of interest to me. Right now, I am applying it to finding a new home.

Yesterday, we had a lead that we followed. The strange thing was that besides the house being beautiful, everything else about it was not in line with what we wanted. We even went as far as setting up an appointment to see it. Today, we stopped ourselves. Why were we putting energy toward something that wasn’t in line with our goal? I believe we thought it would make our house appear quicker, that it was good to keep the energy in action. However, what I know is that, instead, it was dispersing and unfocusing our energy.

I think we do that sometimes. We say we want a certain thing and then we entertain everything unlike it. I know someone that does that with relationships. She says she wants a certain type of man and that she wants marriage, but she keeps dating people who don’t want the same thing she does.

Focusing our energy is like focusing a laser. We must be clear in what we want in our lives. Clarity is the most important thing. If there is a creative medium that receives the impress of our thoughts and acts upon them, and I believe there is, then we must give it clear thoughts. We must practice over and over in displining our minds to focus on what we do want instead of what we don’t want. If what we do not want is still showing up that should be a sign to us. There is not reason to beat ourselves up over anything. Everything is in our lives to point the way and God never leaves us.

I invite us to set our intentions and then open up and let the Universe do its work. It listens and it gives us back the life we feel worthy of having. Gratitude is the greatest energy of all because it makes our heart swell with love. It implies that we already have it all.

There is only energy. Everything is energy. It is our playing field. That energy changes continually. However, we have to change the Cause if we want a different effect. We have to learn something new – think differently even if it is not what we see. Believing comes first. Dr. Dispenza calls it “Causing Effect.” He has proven it and helped others to do the same.

Oh, and we do not have to compromise. We just have to be open to receive “this or better.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Causing Effect

  1. Love the last quote, ” this or better.” My Mother would always tell me, look beyond the appearance. Be clear and know that what you will receive is, “this or something better.”


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