Someone close to me is having surgery right now – my mom. In the Universe’s synchronised way, the reading today from the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes is titled “Spiritual Mind Healing.”

I believe in Spiritual Mind Healing. It is not something new to me. I am a mental healer. I have healed myself and continue to do so everyday. I have witnessed healing in others and had the opportunity to share in that experience.

Ernest Holmes gives many statements from different philosophers in this chapter, such as “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” and “what we expect, that we find,” and “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” and “He can who thinks he can.”

However, he goes onto say, “It is one thing to know a principle, and another to apply it.” This is the Truth and it is the reason we are so frustrated. We stay in our heads. We theorize. We say we believe something, and then we spend the rest of our day thinking the exact opposite and acting from that place. We are stuck. We refuse to think something new, and then bring ourselves back every time we go off on a mental tangent. The only way to create lasting change in our lives, is to use the Principle, and practice, practice, practice. We are sometimes changing eons of negative downloading from our ancestral heritage. However, we are doing it. This is evolution.

Does this mean we don’t go to doctors or take medicine? No, of course not. However, why are some people healed and others not? This is the question everyone asks. I think we know our own particular answer.

For me, the answer begins with the idea that if we think there is something to heal, we are beginning in the wrong place. We have to begin with our perfection. We are not making ourselves better, warding off disease or fixing our financial situations. We are revealing our Divine nature.But, we must apply the Principles of Truth to our life. We must go out and act as if these things are true.

Let us all go get our healings in the world of form, but let us not forget there is a Spiritual healing that has to take place before anything will ever change in form.  Spirit only knows life. It is constantly creating form and then leaving the form it takes. Spirit is spontaneous, always at choice. It impresses the field of infinite energy and that is our life.  However, we have to create a new Cause. I love Joe Dipenza’s term, “causing effect.”

I have no idea what my mother’s choices are right now or what she is impressing upon the field of Infinite energy. That is her journey. However, what I do know is she is perfect. She always has been and always will be. Her physical life is backed by Infinite Intelligence. The Loving Presence surrounds and infuses her with its perfection. I keep that Truth in my mind, but I do not get in the way of the path she chooses for herself. I only know peace, support, wholeness, harmony, balance and love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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