It’s All Consciousness

“The Law of Life is a law of thought, an activity of consciousness – the Power flows through us. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, it cannot make the gift. …We shall see that we need not some greater power, but a greater consciousness, a deeper realization of life.” Dr. Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind; page 141.)

The Science of Mind and Spirit, now called Quantum Physics is telling us that if we want to change our experiences, we must change our thoughts. We already know that our cells are continually renewing themselves. We actually are creating a new body all the time.

Why then do our lives seemingly stay the same or sometimes get worse? Because we are not changing the Cause from which all things come – our thoughts and beliefs. We are thinking the same thing over and over. I catch myself in the trap sometimes. I get into those conversations, where we just reiterate something that has happened or the way someone has acted that just really bothers us.

How can we expect to create new and more expansive experiences, if we will not let go of the past? We cannot. I am so grateful to know this. I am better at practicing this every day. I rarely fall into the trap, and when I do I release myself quickly. I do not have time anymore to go backwards. How do I do this?

Well, for one thing, I am conscious of it now. When those limiting thoughts come in, I feel them. I recognize them. There was a time when I wasn’t consciousness, and I was living with no recognition of what my thoughts were creating. This is not the case now; however, still have to be alert and aware.

Remember one thing, if your life is not what you want it to be, there is some thought or belief that you have that is moving through you into experience. Does this mean we sit around trying to correct our thoughts? That is an impossible.

However, what we can do if focus on what we want to experience. We can have more compassion and love for ourselves. We can do our forgiveness work. We can acknowledge where we are and know that we are moving forward. We can stop buying into what other people believe and form our own beliefs. We can dare to think differently and see a brighter future now. And then, we can act upon all of this, walking into the world and expecting the Good to be here.

It might not seem easy right now in the world that we live in. But, remember…we create the world as it is. It’s Law. There is an Energy, call it what you want…that receives the impress of our thoughts and acts upon it. We all have this privilege. We all use it, even when we do not know that we are using it. It’s the Law of our life.

How grateful I am to know this. Everyday, my life is changing. When I don’t like where it is going, I feel it. That feeling is the thing I need to change and the only way to change it is to choose to and then change the direction of my thought. Oh, and I am not restricted by what I did yesterday, unless I allow myself to be. I am a forward thinker.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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