Page 60 Turning Point

In every great movie script, somewhere around page 60, the major character drops his personal goal and picks up the plot goal and runs defiantly to the end of the film. He or She has realized who and what they are and knows what they want. Basically, they are not playing it small anymore. They are not living a life in the old way. Something has changed within them and they begin to approach life in a whole new way. They are no longer living their life from a memory in the past, they are defining their life by their vision of the future. (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

We just celebrated the Academy Awards last night. It always gets me thinking about how our very own life is like a movie. We all can have our page 60 turning point. There comes a time in my life when confronted with a challenge that I come to a place where I say “Enough is enough. I’m ready for the change.”

Are you with me? Is there something in your life that you want to change? Is there something in your life that you’ve had it with? Are you tired of going at things in the same old ways? If you are, you are probably ready for the shift. The good thing to know is that the shift has already happened, you are merely ready to walk with it into your new life.

In today’s reading of the Science of Mind, that I am now calling “Quantum Physis” by Dr. Ernest Holmes, he writes (one of my favorite quotes), “The man (woman) who dares to fling their thought out into Universal Intelligence, with the assurance of the one who realizes his Divine Nature and its relation to the Universe – and dares to claim all there is – will find an ever-creative Good at hand to aid him…To the soul that knows its own Divinity, all else must gravitate toward him. Let us, then, enlarge our thought processes, and dare to think in Universal terms. Let us dare to believe that every constructive word is invincible.”

This is my page 60 turning point. Dr. Holmes has stated it perfectly. Thought has power, but whose power? The one who knows his/her Divinity. If you do not accept who you are and the Infinite Power that is here to use, you will continue in the old ways.

How do we arrive there? It’s a choice. It’s a decision to be willing to not just try but to turn away from everything unlike it. It takes discipline. It takes repetition. It takes the one who is ready to evolve and that means that we have to change. We have to surrender. We have to let go. We have to believe even when everything is contrary to our future vision.

Are you at your page 60 turning point or are you still going at life with the same old consciousness, blaming the outside, immersed in conditions, repeating old stories? You know what I mean and we’ve all been there.

For me, I am excited about the Infinite possibilities as I approach my life from this new perspective, siting in my Divinity, trusting that the Universe is for me, and leaping into new and bolder ways of using my most powerful tool for creation – my thoughts.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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