Are You A Woolgatherer?

Have you ever heard the term “woolgathering?” Well, if not, it refers to “…the act of gathering loose tufts of wool that had gotten caught on bushes and fences as sheep passed by. … its practitioners must have seemed to wander aimlessly, gaining little for their efforts. In the mid-16th century, woolgathering began to appear in figurative phrases such as “my wits went a woolgathering”—in other words, “my mind went wandering aimlessly.” From there, it wasn’t long before the word woolgathering came to suggest foolish or purposeless mind-wandering. (Merriam Webster)

This is such a great metaphor for what we can do with our minds. We can catch our thoughts and ask ourselves are we “woolgathering?” or are we thinking purposefully from Truth. I’m suspect we do a little of both, until we are more practiced in thinking definitely and clearly.

In the Science of Mind and Spirit and in Quantum Physics we are inspired to think clearly, positively and to embrace a larger perspective of life. Everything in the field of causation is waiting to take form according to our thoughts. We are the Cause. We are inspired to think from unlimited potential rather than gathering information here and there from the world of experience and form. Spiritual Truth is here, within each of us, and it is not gotten from grasping at the trees of experience.

I have many opportunities in front of me right now that allow me to practice woolgathering or clear thinking. Do I want to sit around and woolgather or daydream about the future possibilities – for better or worse; or do I want to make a definite decision, pick up the shears and the sheep and cut away the old and useless, revealing a new and clear vision for myself and those I pray for.

I know my answer. I am not a woolgatherer. In fact, as I look back, I’ve never really been one. Something always pulls me back into the driver’s seat, the role of co-creator with the Universe.

What I know is that the Universe within us is whole, complete, harmonious, balanced and always expressing itself according to what we believe, which shows up as our life.

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