In My Flow…

A few evenings ago, we had the great opportunity to enjoy a concert with the Grammy Award winning pianist, Peter Kater. He composes, improvises and plays what it is called New Age music. He doesn’t like to call himself a New Age pianist, so he just calls himself a pianist. He is quite exceptional.

It was an evening of deep meditation and healing through music. At one point, my husband and I had the opportunity to lay under the piano (something he invites people to do) while he improvised for about ten minutes. Laying under a seven-foot Steinway while someone is expressing his individuality in this magnificent way is breathtaking. Lots of thoughts, pictures, feelings and sounds of healing and love went through my heart and soul while having this experience. I am so grateful.

At one point during the evening someone asked Peter what he did in the way of keeping his body in shape and did he have any stress issues with his shoulders and upper body. He said something like “Of course I do get massages, but I don’t have any issues because I am doing what my body does naturally. I’m not stressing it. I am in harmony with my body and because of that I don’t have those body issues you are talking about.”

That was simple and it got me thinking. How often do we feel we are so in harmony with life that we do not have any issues in the way of stress, etc.? There is a rhythm to life and when we get in touch with it and live with it, there couldn’t be even a moment of stress. When we surrender to Divine time and the flowing energy of the activities we choose to be involved in, there is no such thing as stress. When we surrender to what is, we eliminate that horrible thing called stress.

I can get overwhelmed sometimes. I can think I have too much to do. I can try to control time and get frustrated if I don’t get everything done in the time I think it should be done. I know when I do this, chaos ensues. However, when I choose to slow down my rhythm with life’s rhythm, when I choose to check within frequently to see if the things I am choosing to do are really in alignment with me and my purpose, then I have all the time in the world. I am relaxed and everything gets done.

I believe it is important to take that time or ourselves. I believe it is important to ask ourselves if what we are doing with our time is as precious as the time we have. I believe that going with our rhythm and our flow creates an atmosphere within and surrounding us of peace and love that is contagious.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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