Quantum Me?

I am taking Mental Muscle Spiritual Boot Camp with Dr. James Mellon. I’ve taken it before many times and in fact, I was part of the beginning of this powerful program. I credit Mental Muscle with the biggest and most powerful advancement of my life. Why? Because, it challenged me for sixteen weeks to fearlessly dig into what I really believe and extract those beliefs replacing them with new ones. It is not a journey for the weak. It takes commitment, or as Dr. James says, “Do the work! Live the results!” I have most definitely done the work and lived the results.

Why am I taking it again? It’s been about five years since I experienced it and my life has definitely advanced as I’ve walked through beliefs and fears to create the amazing life I now live. Why would I require this now? Because there is more. There will always be more. And, we here on Kaua’i, we are getting ready to advance Center for Spiritual Living into its next incarnation. I require a great amount of faith and belief right now.

In Mental Muscle, during the first week we are asked to pick a word for our journey. The first word that came to me was quantum.  This is a powerful word for me because I don’t know what it totally means. It puts me in the position of being a student. I am letting the word teach me.

Along with this, I am allowing Mental Muscle to be totally new. I’m even going as far as acting as if I do not know Dr. James, and he is a dear friend. Why am I doing this? Because, I don’t want to have any preconceived notions about anything. I want to be in the quantum field of unlimited possibility. If I drag all my past with me, how am I going to do that? How am I going to walk into the field of unlimited possibility for CSL Kaua’i, if I drag any past with me. I must be new and act as if I do not know anything. Please don’t confuse this with not knowing my spiritual self. I’m talking about the idea of opening up to more Divine influx. I must get my bloated nothingness out of the way, as Emerson would say.

So, here I go. The first thing that greets me today is the Science of Mind daily reading: “Thoughts are Things” (page 146). Wow! I love this. In 1927, Dr. Holmes is telling us that our external manifestations are the products of our dominant mental and spiritual states. How quantum is that? Since quantum is my word, then I’m expecting amazing things coming forth.

There is an unlimted Power within each of us. It is ready to take our command if we commune with it and let it live through us. It takes discipline and courage and letting go of everything that holds us back.

What are we broadcasting into the field of unlimited possibility? I’ve heard a lot of broadcasting lately about flu and wars and environmental dangers and all kinds of thoughts, that frankly, I do not want to continue to experience. I can’t control what anyone else broadcasts, but I can go within and realize that I have the power to not buy into gloom and doom. I have the power, not to deny that these things might be facts, but to know that they are not Reality. I have the power to follow the example of great quantum physicists like Emma Curtis Hopkins, who said I stand at my Center and make myself known. That I is the great “I Am” that lives within each of us. I think that is the greatest radio station that I choose to tune into, because it has the capability to broadcast: love, peace, health and wealth all around and to see it in everyone and everything. This is going to be quite a quantum journey. I am grateful!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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