Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

If you’ve been reading these blogs, you know that I have become a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has brought a new awareness to me about quantum physics and my ability to practice it and experience its effects.

There are three huge things I am learning from him and putting into practice right now is: 1) living my life with a vision for the future rather than a memory of the past, 2) becoming an observer of my mind so I can catch the thoughts that I do not want to think any more and releasing them, 3) and the realization and understanding that as I change my energy, I can change my life.

These three ideas are just ideas if I do not practice them. It is easy to fall back into the trap of everyday thinking that has become a habit. It is easy to be caught in emotions and feelings and let them run the show. It is easy to let conditions become our identity and be enslaved by them. However, what if it were just as easy to do the opposite. I believe it is and as Joe would say, “it is our experiment with life and our destiny.”

Lately, I am finding a great energy within myself to really live these quantum ideals to the fullest. How do I live my life with a vision for the future rather than a memory of the past? First of all, it is a choice. I get to decide if I want my memories to constantly color my present. I get to decide if I want to replay my old stored tapes over and over. I get to practice and discipline myself and say “No, that no longer serves me,” and then let it go with love and forgiveness.

I just finished rehearsing and performing my one-woman show. It is a memory play about my family, most predominantly about my father, and one would think that it plummeted me back into my past. Actually, the opposite is true. I had the opportunity to become the observer of m life through this dramatic presentation. I got to allow all the characters to play out their idiosyncracies, realizing the whole time that they were aspects of my personality that I had released. I want to add that I did it with humor and gratitude for every bit of that past.

I do not believe that we have to be actors to do this. We can each take our past, accept it as having been an experience we had with the people involved as aspects of our own personality and then release them gently with love. We are not forced to hold onto anything. We do not have to let our past control us. I didn’t change any of the people in my past. They are still doing whatever they are doing. I only changed myself. I released, not the memory, but the memory’s hold on my present. I remember the day I no longer expected my father to act the way I thought he should. I was able to love him unconditionally.

So, how do I live a vision of the future? Every day, I live in the present moment. I open up to all the things I want to experience and begin to experience them in mind. I put that vision into action by walking into life from a perspective of knowing it is all already done in mind. I see everything that shows up as a sign that it is so. I keep bringing myself back to the present, every time I find myself getting caught up in the past. I remember my vision.

Lastly, I bask in the energy of gratitude for everything. Gratitude will change our energy more immediately than anything else. Why? Because if we can be grateful for it all, and I mean it all, knowing that everything is bringing us up close and personal with that God Power within us, calling us to bring it forth, we can change our lives. The more we can linger in gratitude, the more we can change our energy.

I am totally enjoying the idea of living in a quantum field, where anything is possible because I can shape that energy with the power of my thoughts. If anything at all is standing in the way, it is only something I’ve put their through a belief I will not let go of.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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