Once Upon a Spiritual Solution

One of the greatest healers of all time on record, is Jesus, the Christ. He gives us the great example of what healing is. It is the revelation of the True Self. Jesus saw the people who came to him and all that he looked upon in Truth – whole and complete. He even blessed his enemies. Jesus did not recognize sin or evil; therefore, it could not exist in his presence.

This makes sense to me because his heart was so pure and love-filled that all he saw was love. He called this love up in all. “Love one another,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Love, Love, Love. Have you ever been in the presence of love so powerful that it heals? We all have that love within ourselves.

There are stories upon stories of Jesus’s healings and many of them begin with “Go and sin no more.” He was reading thoughts and could tell the people who came to him were belabored and weighed down with their own consciousness of wrong-doing, regrets and self-condemnation. The word “sin” and its true meaning is an archery term that means “missing the mark.” We miss the mark of perfection when we think things about ourselves that are less than loving.

We watched a film last night about James Allen called “As a Man Thinketh.” This is a quote from the Proverbs also.  For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  How can we expect to be healthy and vibrant when we are weighed down in thoughts of condemnation for ourselves or others.

As I read of Jesus’s miracles, I do not see any in which he went to mend a broken leg or revive the dead through resuscitation. He gave the spiritual solution. I believe that we are coming to a time in our world, where we are making this shift. There can be no answer to any problem in the world of conditions without a spiritual solution.

What does this mean? It means that at the base of every trouble there is a root spiritual cause that must be revealed. Spirit must be revealed. Spirit heals. It is the only Power that gives lasting healing. Quantum physics knows this. Our bodies re-invent themselves continually. The problem is that we keep giving them the same message. How can we expect healing?

There are no chemical or political solutions to a spiritual problem. Find the spiritual problem and heal it with help if necessary. Once you find the spiritual problem, the spiritual solution will reveal itself.

I say, let us “Go and sin no more.” Begin today to reveal self-compassion and find your inner peace. Surrender your troubles to your higher power that holds all your answers. Reveal your perfect self that has always been there and never deserts you. Love is right where you are.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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