Happy Birthday Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren!

Well, it has finally arrived – my 65th Birthday – March 12, 1953. How did it happen? I always remember my mom and dad saying that life goes quickly. I didn’t understand that when I was nine years old or even sixteen years old. I thought I would live forever. Old was not something I would ever be.

So, here I am and what I’ve discovered is that my mom and dad were right about time going fast and so was I.  I am forever young. Not because I still look the way I did when I was 20, but because I feel better today than I felt back then and know that I will continue to feel better and better. Why? Because I believe in the expansion of my consciousness and I am tuned into the knowing that “It is done unto me as I believe.” I understand that no matter what experiences are coming through me as me that the Universe is for me. I expect a spectacular life.

I know that within me there is a Power that vibrates to my vibration. I understand that in order to keep that vibration high that it is important to follow my heart and my passions, to tune into my intuition in every moment, to know that I know all I need to know and yet I am new and know nothing.

Most of all, I am grateful. I am grateful for my life – all of it. There isn’t one experience I wouldn’t wanted to have missed. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have stayed in some of them as long as I did, but, hey, that’s what growing UP is all about.

I am grateful to have a partner and love of my life – Patrick Feren, who has grown UP with me for 21 very fast years. I am grateful for all my children, grandchildren and friends that are here now and the ones that have moved on. I am even grateful to my ex-husband, Richard, who took me through one of my incarnations here on Planet Earth. My life is definitely a constant spiritual evolution. I’m grateful to be evolving.

So, here, today on my birthday, I put my hand on my heart and give myself all the love I deserve and I radiate that love out into my world.  I am celebrating my Power today that radiates from within me to without. I’m stepping into it in a huge way by surrendering to it. Look out Planet Earth. I’m here and I am beginning a new era.

Mahalo everyone for being in my life for a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, many years or a lifetime! It all matters and it all makes me what I am. I am grateful for my spectacular life!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

PS: In case you did not see my one woman show TOMATOES ON A WINDOWSILL, my celebration for my 65th birthday, Click HERE

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  1. It just keeps getting better all the time!

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