The Best Kept Secret…SMT

It’s all about acceptance, you know. I’m learning that. This morning the Science of Mind reading was about our form of prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment. Does the word seem ominous to you? It does to some. They think we are doing something to their mind or fixing something that is wrong. This is not true and I must clarify.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is one of the best kept secrets in the world of healing modalities. It’s free. You can do it yourself. And, you don’t have to travel anywhere to get it.

“Treatment is not for the purpose of making things happen, it is to provide, within ourselves, an avenue through which they may happen,” wrote Ernest Holmes. If we do not open up to receive the good we so desire, we can never get it. If we think we are getting something outside of ourselves, it will never arrive. However, when we create the avenue of acceptance within ourselves, doors begin to open and our good pours through us pointing us in the direction we must go.

“The moment we think we have to treat to compel something, that moment we are exercising a will power, which is not up against a proposition it cannot possibly meet. Treatment is not mental coercion; it is not will power, it is not concentration.”

So what is it? “Treatment is an action in thought alone. It opens up the avenues of thought, expands the consciousness and lets Reality through. It clarifies the mentality, removes the obstructions of thought and lets in the Light.”

For one moment can you imagine that we already live in a Perfect Universe? Can you just entertain the concept that perhaps we need to see it mentally and experience it on the spiritual plain before it can be experienced in our daily life? In the book Do you Quantum Think,  Dianne Collins writes “the world is as we perceive it to be. We see what we expect to see.”

If you are seeing a lot of what you don’t want to see in your life, you might need to change the way you think. It’s a scientific fact. I am not making this up. Treatment assists us in doing this because it helps us to direct our thoughts. Treatment works because there is a Creative Medium that receives our thoughts and brings them back to us as experience.

If you want to get a new idea about life – your life, you might want to consider using Spiritual Mind Treatment. Here: it’s simple.

The first thing required is that you actually use it. That you use it all the time. That you practice and practice. Consider it the big experiment of your life and have fun. The Universe answers yes and the grand prize is always in your favor – a deeper connection with the Divine.

Step OneLife/God/Source/Divine Presence is all that there is.  (If you find yourself immediately going to what’s wrong with the world, then you are arguing for your limitations.) God is all there is. If it weren’t there would be duality and the world couldn’t exist for a moment. There is one Power – It’s all about how we use it. What you might be seeing out there is different expressions of God using it with their understanding.  God is Energy/Spirit constantly taking form and leaving the form it takes.

Step Two – Unity – If God is all there is, then that means IT IS ALL THERE IS, and that would include you. (If you are arguing on this one and it’s too much for you to take to think that you might be God, then I’m asking you, “Who are You?”) Oh…you do not have to believe me. You can stop reading now and go back to whatever you were doing. We all have choice. I know that your life is always unfolding perfectly right where you are.

Step Three – Declaration – What do you want to experience? Announce it now. Do it in PRESENT TENSE. NOW! Don’t hold back, but start right where you are and realize that “It is done unto you as you believe.” Expand your ability to believe and receive every day. Practice self-love. Treat for belief.

Step Four – Gratitude. You are so grateful because everything is already accomplished. You are merely accepting your good. The more you can linger in gratitude, the more you draw that good through you and to you.

Step Five – Release it into Universal Law. What’s this? It’s the Power that made the Cosmos and brought you into form. It is the Creative Medium that makes all things so. (Now here is where trust comes in and letting go of the “how” it happens. You have no idea how your good will come to you. It’s an Infinite Universe and the Law has its own ways and means. It is Infinite Intelligence and it doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve done or how good you are. It simply says yes and brings us back what we believe at the level of our belief. LET GO!

So, that is it. It isn’t magic. It’s scientific. It’s already been proven by others, even those who do not know what it is, because, really, Treatment is what we do all the time. We are just not conscious of it. Any time we think, we are treating. The act of Spiritual Mind Treatment just gives us a formula for doing it consciously. The more we practice, soon it will become our first nature. And, when we get off the mark, we will always have a way to get ourselves back on.

I know this was long, but I felt the need to express it. If you’ve made it this far, I know that whatever it is you are desiring to experience is already done.

Oh…and if you feel this is a lot and you want help. There are Spiritual Practitioners who can start you on the path by treating for you. And, they aren’t doing anything to you, they are simply activating that Law on your behalf. They do not charge for treating, but if you sit down and talk to them in a session, they do charge for their time.

I’m done and now I’ll treat…

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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