It Takes a Leap

I remember when I lived in Los Angeles and we were working on moving from an apartment to a house. We’d lived in an apartment there for over eleven years. Now you have to understand that in my lifetime of 55 years at that time, I’d only spent those particular eleven years living in an apartment. The rest of my life had been spent in houses. However, when I went to LA, I had a consciousness that said “I can only live in an apartment here.”

I remember that struggle of wanting to find a house that we could afford. I remember thinking and wondering how we would get the first and last months monies. I knew it would happen and I was doing my Spiritual Mind Treatments, visualizations, etc., but nothing was showing up, until one day I said “I’ve had enough waiting. My house is here now.

I suddenly stopped wondering and KNEW. I remember slamming my hands onto the steering wheel and feeling what I would call now a jolt in consciousness. I just KNEW. When I arrived at church that day, a person I didn’t know well, said, “You know, I just happen to walk down a street I don’t usually walk down and I saw this house for rent by owner. It looked perfect for you and Patrick.”

Well, the rest is history. Everything fell into place, and within a month we were living in that house. My question for us all is what happened that day when I said enough is enough? If you do not know the answer, I will tell you. I embodied the idea. I began living from the result instead of looking for it. What made it happen? I have no idea besides the spiritual work that I put in. However, even that doesn’t explain it.

Today, while I was reading about quantum physics, I do realize what happened. I made a quantum leap. I stopped thinking from the old paradigm and jumped into the new. I didn’t take a linear path. Quantum thinking doesn’t think linearly. It doesn’t think you have to do this, then this, then this to get there. You just go there consciously (in mind) and the path finds you right where you are. It’s like you are an observer looking at your life as you want it to be.

It might seem like a miracle and in a way it is. However, all that it is – is being able to let go of our old way of thinking and jump into a new way of thinking. Spiritual Mind treatment, I believe will aid us, because it does clear the negative and does create a pathway in our brain when we use it. It helps us train our thinking. I think that the suddenness of the demonstration is the result of those neurons finally letting go of the old mode of thinking and reconnecting to a new path. I’m not scientist, but I can picture something like this happening.

Every morning now when I wake up and am working on this again and again. I am disciplining myself to think a new about many things. I using it for health, financial areas of my life and yes, in acquiring a new home. I can see that there is a part of me that still thinks life takes steps. That’s okay, that is what evolution is all about. However, as soon as we can realize that steps are not necessary that all it takes sometimes is saying “Enough is enough,” and really meaning it – embodying it, we will and are experiencing a quantum leap.

I love this.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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