What Am I Expecting?

What a great question for me today. It’s the third week of Mental Muscle and the directive is to stay in-tuned with my expectations. I’m turning the volume up and really getting in touch with this. It is perfect because Patrick and I are expecting a new home very soon. Perhaps I shouldn’t say very soon, but, instead, say now. We are expecting it now.

It is a great question to pose to ourselves as we awake each morning. What am I expecting? I can’t help thinking of the song from the Sound of Music – “I Have Confidence.” The character of Maria is telling us all about her expectations, as she goes to work for the Von Trapps on her very first day. The conclusion is that she expects to have confidence in herself no matter what confronts her.

So what do you expect today? Do you have a vision for this day or are you still living out old memories and letting them color your expectations? We do that sometimes. We think because something occurred a certain way, that it will continue to occur that way. Something didn’t happen for us yesterday, or even years ago, and we are still carrying into this new day. The old tapes can be changed.

I realize that my expectations might have been and still can be based in the past. Also, there might have been a ceiling on my expectations. This is a great awakening.

Well, I’m taking that ceiling off. I am wiping the slate clean right now. Yesterday, never happened. If there were disappointments, they have nothing to do with today.  My energy is new and so are my expectations. It could take practice, but I’m up for it. I have new expectations today.

And, it’s easy to make whatever changes in my thinking that are needed. I believe it is all made up anyway. So, why would I make it up as anything but for my highest good? I am not constricted by my old world view, race consciousness or beliefs that do not belong to me. I am a forward thinker. The expectations are that my life is unfolding perfectly in perfect time and anything that I could ever require is right here now. Whether it be more energy, more ideas, financial abundance, great relationships – it is all right here now.

Everything is possible? What am I expecting? Not, hoping for…EXPECTING!



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