What’s the Matter?

In 1927 Ernest Holmes wrote,  “We are told that matter is in a continuous state of flow. Strange as it may seem, we do not have the same physical bodies that we had a few months ago. They have completely changed. New particles have taken the place of the old, and the only reason that they have taken the same form is that something within has provided the same mold. Our bodies are like a river, forever flowing. The Indwelling Spirit alone maintains the identity.”

In 2011, in Do You Quantum Think? it is written, “Our thoughts affect the molecules in our bodies and are therefore strong determinants of our health…Your mind changes your body chemistry, enhances or diminishes your immune system and your brain function; it even alters the way your DNA responds.”

So, we can believe it or not, but there is something in charge of our physical experiences and the finger has been pointing inward for a long time, maybe centuries.

It’s great to know all this, but to do something about it is a different story and where our journey really begins. We have been challenged throughout the ages that by changing the way we think, we can change our lives. So, why don’t we do it? Why are we still living in an old world view? Why are we still trying to solve our problems in the world of form instead of taking them to the Spiritual and Mental realm?

Frankly, I’m tired of asking this question. I already know the answer. We are choosing not to. We are, instead, taking the old route and expecting different conclusions. We can say it’s easier, or it’s all about wanting power over others, money rules the world, and numerous other reasons, but the fact is it all boils down to choice. Have you read our history as a species? War is a perfect example of this.

Okay, I can’t control the world and everyone’s mind. However, I can start where I am. I can choose today to pull my thoughts up and into a higher state of being. Just this morning, as I was reading the Science of Mind section on immortality, while dealing with the possibility of my mom making her transition, I thought, why do I have to think about this in the old way? Why can’t I take a new perspective on this? Why can’t I admit that I will miss my mom, but at the same time be happy for her? Why can’t I open up to the idea that perhaps we are not going to lose contact with each other; but instead we are going to have a whole new relationship?

If what the quantum thinkers say is true, and I believe it is, as I test it out in my own life, my answer is “Yes, I can.” And, if I am willing to do so and surrender to the unknown, I might just get a different answer. I might just create a whole new paradigm for myself when dealing with what we call death. This is just one area and a big one. I’m willing.

To tell you the Truth, I have a hard time believing that the Loving Divine Presence, the Infinite Intelligence from which we all come, would create a world where suffering and sadness were inflicted upon us with no way out. That’s what led me to the Science of Mind and the philosophy/science that says we create our reality. We are the ones, because of choice, who must be at the helm of this.  Ernest wrote, that “suffering is an experience on the soul’s journey toward reality.” Suffering can be a friend if we treat it that way. We can also let it go when we are ready. I have been witness to people doing this.

So, if I want a new experience, I am going to have to use my imagination at first and think one up. If I want life to look different, then I’m going to have to look at it differently. If I don’t want to be sad because it doesn’t feel good, then I’m going to have to look at the belief behind that sadness and choose to either let it go or just continue thinking that way and thinking sadness is something out of my control.

If I want to be healthy, then I’m going to have to start thinking and acting healthy. I cannot wait for these things to show up and then say, “Ah-hah! I told you so. I knew it all the time!” I have to journey into the unknown and realize the invisible net is there to catch me. I’m going to have to change the mold of my thinking. I am the only one who can do that.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “What’s the Matter?

  1. Brava! Absolutely spot on 👍 Rita, your spiritual journey has matured profoundly. I love reading, contemplating and continually applying these Truths. I am not always successful, but I am loving the journey! Mahalo xx

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