What’s Stop Me?

Have you ever been so sure of something, set an intention or said you were definitely going to experience a certain thing and then it doesn’t happen? I’ve had that happen? What’s stop it, or rather what stops me?

I used to think it was outside forces. I remember when I was in Hollywood trying to sell  my scripts. I just couldn’t get anyone truly interested in them. I couldn’t find the right way to get behind those Gates. What stopped me? I’ve had the same experience with other intentions in my life. What stopped me?

It’s different now. I go beyond intentions. I make decisions. Real ones. When I say I am going to do something, there is a belief behind it that knows that beyond it all I am supported 100%. I also do not relegate my good to the outside. I realize that my good comes from within me and then shows up in the form of other people and experiences. If I can keep myself in a high vibrational rate of love and gratitude, life flows from that place.

The biggest challenge I believe is keeping myself in that high rate of vibration. It is easy to get bogged down by the world of conditions and form and live our life in secondary causation, which merely means living it from the experience rather than creating the experience in the unlimited field. Most of us spend most of our time creating from secondary causation.

Today, millions of people will march for gun legislation. Many of us are very excited about this, but do we feel like something will come from it? Will we finally get the answers that we are wanting? I believe that the answers are here within each of us and they will come when we realize that. Yes, we can march and vote and yell and chant, but until we become that change in our very own lives, nothing will change.

We can’t create peace from minds that our not at peace. We might be able to control guns, but where will the consciousness behind that gun show up next?

In all things, if you ask me what stops me from experiencing anything, I would have to say that it is and always has been my own consciousness and ability to live from the place of the desire. It comes from understanding that I am the one who must walk into experience from that consciousness, believing it is already so. I am stopped every time, I let myself down by getting bogged down in the world of conditions. Every time I point my finger outward.

The times that I have not stopped, and I have many of them, were the times that I didn’t know I could be stopped. My belief was pure and unhindered by outside conditions. I merely did what I set out to do as if it was already done. It’s all about my vibration, my passion, my belief, my clarity and my action.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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