A Mental Equivalent Miracle

Something quite magical happened yesterday and I have to document it. I’ve been working on visualizing and treating for our new home. It has been a very exciting process and I love doing the work.

One of the things I did was to build a vision board with pictures I got out of magazines and from the Internet. Actually, I call it a “Decision Board.”  I even put Patrick and I in the middle of the board. It’s important to yourself into the vision you are building.

Well, yesterday, we got an email from a realtor. It included pictures of a property and house for rent. We were looking through the pictures, marveling at its beauty. Suddenly we saw this picture that look familiar. Patrick said, “that looks similar to one on our decision board.” I went back to the board and, well, it wasn’t similar to the picture; it was the exact same picture!

What did I get out of all this? I think it is obvious. When a decided mind calls upon the Universe with clarity, it gives back that same clarity. It’s called the “mental equivalent.”

Where it goes from here is up to us. However, even if it is not this particular house, I consider it signs of land. As I said yesterday, I am building my ark, getting ready, doing the work, doing what is mine to do. I totally trust the Universe to do its part, which is to bring this house to me, through me according to my mental equivalent. I sit in gratitude and joyous expectancy.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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