Life is Good…Begin to Live…

Ernest Holmes wrote, “…We should learn to trust life. There is no power in the universe which wishes anyone ill. Life is good and God is Good. Why not accept this and begin to live.”

Yes, there is a Power that is for us, not against us. Yet, many of us live our lives in a big fight with life. I have witnessed that lately in many areas and with many people in my own life. I also was spending much of my time trying to fix this and that and to get people to talk to me with my own logic. It doesn’t work. I have to meet people where they are with who I am.

Here’s what I have learned. If I move through life with the already established premise that life is for me, my experiences change. I started a conversation yesterday with customer service by saying, “I know you can help me with this,” instead of letting her know all the reasons I had been wronged. She was so happy to help me. This is just a simple example of shifting perspective.

Last night, my mom was moved into hospice and the hospital. I am planning on making my way there to Florida soon. However, right now there is too much uncertainty to make a definite plan in this moment. I have to share something, though. Her aide sent us children a short video clip of our mother saying hello. She told us she loved us by name and then said, “Be Good. Love God.” Now my mother is very Catholic, but I still receive much peace from these words.

I translate “Be Good” as saying “be Love” or “Live happily.” How else, could I be good. “Love God” although about a Father in Heaven to my mom, for me is about loving myself, embracing the Presence that resides within me and moves and breathes my life.  Loving God is the same as Loving Life and all people, beginning with myself. Did you know they have scientifically proven that it is impossible for someone to love someone else (truly) when they do not love themselves.

My mom is very peaceful and although she grew up Jewish, she said when she heard the church bells as a child, they whispered, “Come to Me.” She took that as a sign that she should become Catholic and she did. Her religion gives her much comfort. I truly understand what Dr. Holmes meant when he said “don’t take someone’s God away unless you can give them a better one.” We cannot give anyone a better God then the one they know.

We all have different paths. We all have challenges and joys and triumphs and downs and ups. Life is a journey always moving us back to ourselves. Life is for us. If we could just embrace this one thing, we would see that everything that has ever happened or could happen has been for us. This would change how we approach our experiences and also bring us a totally different outcome than when we fight life.

Life is for me. I trust the path. I open up to more wisdom and knowing. I continually empty my head of the trivial, so there is room for the wisdom. I live in the moment. I am guarded, guided and protected.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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