There is Only Life!

Over the years as I have contemplated the idea of death, I have learned much from the teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit. I’ve acquainted myself with other beliefs and ideas, but this one rings most real to me.

As I am contemplating death even more lately because of my Mom’s condition, I am going even deeper. The faith that I have nurtured over the years is welling up inside of me. I do not believe in death, but only in life. The reasoning behind this is that Life is all there is. If there was death then it would be impossible to say that life is all there is. So, what is death then? It’s a continuation of life.

The reading in the Science of Mind this past few weeks has been all about immortality. How perfect given what I am experiencing. Two quotes strike me, “Our contention is not that dead men live again, but that the living man never dies.” If there is only life, then death would be only passing onto another plane of existence.

There are people who come to me and tell me that I am in denial and I better get real about dying. But, I want to get real about living. I want to live my life so fully that when the time comes that I “die,” it is an easy graceful transition into the next stage of my evolution. I can’t do this by focusing on death. I can only do this by focusing on living.

And, so I found another reading today that I concur with. “Death is overcome not by dwelling upon it, but by contemplating eternal life. It is the belief of the writer that should one become completely unconscious of death and all fear of it, one would never know that he died, even though he went through the experience of passing from this life to the next. Death would be swallowed up of life.”

This is so logical to me that I cannot deny it. All I can do now, is contemplate, it meditate upon it, and live it. How perfect that all of this is coming through to me at this particular time – Easter. Lots to think about.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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