A Reality Check

I woke up this morning and I thought, “I really need a Reality check!” I’ve forgotten who I am. I almost called Patrick to remind me of who I am and then, thank God, it was too early. I was forced to do the right thing – go within! There is no time or space here within. It’s always waiting. If we need a Reality check, it is only a breath away.

So, I read and then treated and then sat in meditation for a while. Many realizations came to me, including the nudge that I’d been playing into a lot of things these last few days. I’d let myself get carried into superstition, morbidity, and judgement.

The superstition came with looking for signs. Birds appearing and pictures in the clouds. The morbidity came from feeling sorry for my mom in her last days.  And, then there is judgement. Wow! I don’t even know if this one was true. I might have been fabricating this one. Can you read anyone’s mind, or even interpret what they are saying?

I’ll start with judgement. I was able to reframe the things certain people were saying to me about being condemned because of my religious beliefs and their fear that they would not see me in heaven. I re-framed this, realizing that it was really love and concern for me. There is a reason that we are challenged not to argue politics or religion.  Maybe this is why Jesus was silent much of the time when people were talking at him.

Then, there is morbidity. There is a difference between morbidity and mourning. I can mourn my mother as much as I would like, but being morbid about things I cannot control needs to stop. So it has. I might not understand everything right now, but I do understand love. That is where I choose to rest.

The superstition is a funny thing. It can even be a fun thing. Everything is a sign and we can fabricate anything we want. A crow has been following us around. We’ve given it all sorts of meanings regarding my mom. How crazy is that? I see why superstitions are dangerous. They plant things in our subconscious mind – our place of creation.

So, it’s all ending today. I’ve claimed something new. Silence is best when there is nothing you can really say. Love is best when you don’t know what to do or how to exactly interpret something. Superstition doesn’t really serve me. What is its opposite? Look for the good. Everything is a good omen. The Universe is always on my side. Everything is always in Divine order.

So, as I check in with myself, I see that Reality is settling in. All is well. Have a beautiful day everyone. Onward, to cleaning my mom’s apartment while I clean out the things that do not serve me at the same time.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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