All is Well

As I meditated today, I felt that it would be good to have a mantra to which I could turn today. It is the day of my mother’s funeral mass. I’ve been keeping you up with this journey, but have I mentioned the ups and downs of emotions that everyone experiences? Have I mentioned that I feel like an anchor at times within all that is going on and yet I am finding my own balance at the same time? This takes lots of breaths. I need a mantra today.

I am the oldest in my family. There is something that comes with that position. I feel people turning to me unbeknowst even to themselves. It is somewhat of a natural thing that just occurs. I accept the position and I’m moving with it the best I can.  My family dynamics are not always easy, and I find myself using my position as eldest to bring peace to those dynamics. I’ve had to get real tough at times. I trust I am doing the best I can.

So, this brings me back to my mantra for the day. “All is Well.” As I move through this day and as things come up and emotions run their course with me, with everyone, I remember to breathe and whisper to myself: “All is Well.” These three words will remind me that I am okay, that everyone and everything is as it should be and that my life is unfolding perfectly.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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