Yesterday, I claimed my Red Carpet Ride, and so it was. I had a good trip – flowing on-time all the way. I even arrived a half hour early back here on Kaua’i. It is good to be home. However, my luggage did not arrive. Hmmm…that has never happened before. So, does this mean that my claim of a Red Carpet Ride was not fulfilled? Well, it depends on how I perceive it.

I do not know why my luggage did not arrive; however, I do know that the Universe is conspiring in my favor. So, this must be part of it. I did not even feel an ounce of stress over this. I simply went to the agent and filled out the paper work. My luggage was still back in Atlanta. Who knows why? Who cares? Is it worth not enjoying life for a single moment? Is it worth not enjoying my husband and beautiful Kaua’i. I slept well last night.

In order to practice the Principle, we must use it. We must use it full-time no matter what. The luggage was a small thing, but still I must use it. My luggage is just fine. Gratefully all my laundry is clean too. Just a small thing, but something to be thankful for.

We are flying out again tomorrow night to a friend and colleague’s installation. It looks like perhaps my luggage will meet me in LA. One less thing I have to worry about. The Universe is conspiring in my favor all the time.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “We need spiritual experience. We shall never know peace until we embody it, we shall never know Truth until we become Truth and we cannot know God unless we sense It within our own being. …”

If we say we trust the Universe, and then the minute something doesn’t work out the way we think it should, we doubt, then we do not know anything.

If just for one day, we were to actually say and practice God as all there is right where we are, I know we would experience our life – its small challenges and its large challenges – in a whole new way.

God is all the time – not just when it is convenient for us. I am thankful for the small things that remind me of this.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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