The Red Carpet Ride

I sit in West Palm Beach Airport, waiting for my flight. I have a three-leg journey back to Kaua’i. Lots of people get stressed traveling, but I have a peace-filled formula. It’s called “The Red Carpet Ride.” It’s not about first class, but it is about having a first-class attitude. The Red Carpet Ride is a moment-by-moment journey, staying present, and expecting the best and the good. The only rule is to stay present and to not think ahead any further than your next step when necessary.

When I do this, I let go of all worry of delays, getting lost, looking for gates, customer service glitches, etc. Everything runs smoothly when you stay present and expect the Red Carpet Ride. You smile more and people smile back.

I know someone who expects a fight every step of the way, they get a fight. I’ve watched it, and I just smile. That used to be me. No more.

What if every delay was a blessing? What if each person you met was a Divine appointment? I met a man on the shuttle today at 5:30am. He helped me with my luggage. Everyone on the shuttle was smiling at 5:30am. We attract that which we are.

They took my yogurt away at security check. Hmmm…there’s more inside the terminal. Life is abundant. Who knows, “Maybe it was sour.” All is well. It’s just yogurt.

I am grateful for a philosophy that teaches me to practice what I preach and to put it to the test in every experience – the simple ones and the more challenging ones.

“There is no great and no small
To the Soul that maketh all:
And where it cometh, all things are
And it cometh everywhere.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Love and Aloha,
Rev. Rita

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