We are Families of Spirit

I have a spiritual family here in Los Angeles. This is where the Religious Scientist, Rita Andriello-Feren was born. I spent fifteen years here growing up in the Science of Mind and Spirit. When I left here in 2013 to begin my ministry with my husband on Kaua’i, I was a young adult in this thing called the Science of Mind. No, I was not a young adult in years; in fact, I was 60, but I was a young adult in this Science.

I had learned the Principles and I was using them in my life. I had my ups and downs and moments of doubt, fear and confusion. However, the more I truly applied the Principles in daily living, the more I spent time in study and the deeper I went, the more my life began to unfold in ease and grace.

Now, as we run a full-blown Center on Kaua’i, built on nothing but love and Principle, I can see how life unfolds when you allow it to. Everything unfolds as it should.

So, when I come back to LA, I come back to my roots. I come back to those with whom I grew up with. I come back to my parents, who took me through the process of growing up. Last night many of us came together for dinner. I stood up and thanked them for being my family. I am grateful to have a family of Spirit. They are my foundation.

And now, for the past five years on the Island of Kaua’i, we have been raising our own family. Patrick and I married later in life and never had a family together, but now we do. We have children, brothers and sisters and even pets. We are proud parents of a growing family.

When you understand things spiritually, you will see how your life has always been right on track. You will see how the Universe has always provided you with the right experiences and people to grow up as you should. I am so grateful for my life and for all the people who have surrounded me, taught me and allowed me to teach them. I am grateful for the Science of Mind and Spirit. It isn’t a religion. It is a way of life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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