Walking Through the Storm

Yesterday could have been labeled as a deep and dark day. We had massive floodings on our little Island of Kaua’i. Yesterday, here where we are in LA, we had a pastoral care emergency that put us in the middle of an attempted suicide. When we woke this morning everything seemed to finally settle in, coupled by the passing of my mom and everything else that has occurred during this short couple of weeks. Wow!

So, what do I do when life turns likes this and I am confronted with seeming darkness. Some people think that Religious Scientists just respond with an “All is well and everything is good” attitude.  This is not true. We feel our feelings, but we focus on solutions. We know there are solutions. I cannot help anyone or be a presence of peace in any experience by falling into the ditch. I can’t go around it either, or float above it. I have to walk through it, but with an armour of Truth.

What does that mean? Well, behind every experience I know and believe that Divine order is in place and there is harmony, balance and love. I know that I cannot step back far enough to truly know the individual journey of each person; however, I can be an anchor of Truth and offer support where and when it is needed. I can offer physical support, too. I can do whatever is required when I can keep myself in a place of balance and wholeness.

“A trained mind is far more powerful than an untrained mind.”  I have trained my mind for over 20 years now. If and when I fall off or out, I know how to bring myself back. When I stop myself from trying to fix everyone and make people do things my way and instead meet everyone right where they are, while seeing their highest and best, I can be of assistance.

What I know is that no matter what I am looking at in the world of appearances, as real as it may seem, behind it all God is – Good is. If it weren’t so, we would be victims of circumstance and happenstance. I do not believe this. There would be no possibility of recovery. It either is or it isn’t. I believe it always is no matter what. I believe in love. I believe we can all walk through every storm of life if we can just change our perspective from disaster mentality to higher state of being. No one is ever lost even in the most dire experience.

The world is turning right now. We are on the precipice of great change for Good or evil. It is up to us to keep on keeping on, to love more, to believe in the good, to offer our hand of love to those who reach out for it, to keep our light on now more than ever.

Right in this moment, I give love and thanks for our little Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, knowing that the sunshine of love is now rising, drying up all tears and making everything new, whole, harmonious and balanced.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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