21 Days! Wow!

Since April 2, I have lost and buried my mom, flew over 10,0000 miles through 3 time zones, called 911 twice, witnessed two good friends become ministers, visited hospitals, saved a life, found a new home, and came home to find Kaua’i in the middle of a flood disaster.

We have declared this month as “Living Life to the Fullest” in our Center, and I would have to say, I have been doing just that. Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean a smooth ride either. It just means that the ride will be full and that I will experience it fully. Life happens through us, as I said yesterday, and all of this has had its place in my life in a big way. I am grateful for what each and every experience has brought me in the way of growth and the opportunity to step up in consciousness.

The word that I have claimed during my Mental Muscle Workshop, as I told you before is “quantum.” What I have learned is that when you claim a quantum life that means that your life, all of it. is quantum. What else did I expect?

It is big, rich and ever-changing. I realize that all of it is shifting energy and that in any moment anything can change. I realize I am in charge of my destiny by how I choose to experience it all. I have the opportunity to set the mold of  my experience, claim what I want and ride the wave that takes me there. The more I give it up to Spirit, the easier the ride.

I have claimed a bigger life. Our new home has presented itself in a way that asks, “are you ready to step up?” Stepping into a bigger life doesn’t mean a higher mortgage or rental payment. It means a bigger consciousness, as life unfolds in new and amazing ways. I am being asked to step up in every moment. I am being asked to grow up. I am asked to be even more deeply compassionate, more giving and increase my ability to receive.

I am grateful for one of the fullest 21 days of my life. I am grateful to have gone from sorrow to joy and back again. I am grateful for the fullness of life and to be able to travel through the various experiences, time warps, levels of consciousness, new ideas, abundance, ups and downs and more.

What I know is the more I can let life pour through me, the more I realize that I am not alone and that I am up for it all. I am taking lots of deep breaths, loving myself, and really deeply listening.

They say it takes 21 days to change and form a habit. If I changed any habit this 21 days, I would have to say it is the habit of small thinking. I’ve allowed myself to leap from where I am to my next expansion. A lot of opportunities have come with that leap.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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