What Can I Offer the World?

What can I offer the world? I am Spiritual or Mental Practitioner. That is what I can offer. In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes writes, “The one who attempts to heal herself or another through a recognition of the Creative Power of mind and the ever-availability of Good is a Spiritual or Mental Practitioner. Such a one refuses to let negative thoughts to control her consciousness. She seeks to meet the Divinity in everyone she meets.”

Of course, every person has the ability to do this, but I have claimed this as my life and dedicated myself to practice and study and licensing, so I am considered a professional Spiritual or Mental Practitioner.

Interestingly, we use the terms Spiritual and Mental interchangeably. It is because we live in a mental universe that is Spiritual in nature. Everything is Spirit and all begins in the mental field.

So, when I am confronted with the world of form and all its turmoil and appearances of conflict and chaos, I know that I cannot change anything from the physical field. I must rise out of the physical and into the mental world and change my belief about what is happening. I know that beyond the world of appearances, backing it all is Spirit, a world of order and balance that is already revealing itself.

Recently, someone came to me with a heart filled with despair. It seemed that everything on the physical plane was out-of-order. Chaos ensued as this person’s life. This person felt there was no way out and that things were just getting worse and worse. This is a terrible place to be. It’s terrible to think there is no way out of misery. It is what hell is. We all get to experience either heaven or hell and we do not have to go anywhere for that experience. It is right here.

As this person continued to expound on the story, I simply listened. I felt myself being dragged into the conflict. I stopped myself. I knew it was all a lie even though it was very real. Then with conviction I stated that there is always a solution to everything. There is a Power within each of us that is greater than anything that could possibly be occurring in our world of conditions. It is there ever-ready to make itself known and heal our lives.

This is the thing I have to give to the world. This knowing of what I consider Truth. I know that Truth heals. When I speak my word of Truth for someone else, always in my own mind, it heals. It doesn’t heal because it is fixing something that is broken. It heals because it reveals Love or God as perfect, whole and complete. Once this is stated, embodied and felt within my mind, which is within the one Mind that we all reside in, it is felt. Shift happens.

I’ve never had this method fail. Sometimes, it might take a moment because of resistance, but that doesn’t mean that the method doesn’t work. It merely means that we are resistant to the Truth about ourselves. When we persist, Truth always wins.

I am grateful to be a Spiritual Practitioner. I am grateful to know that there is a Power that I can rely on to bring forth every Good, heal the sick, and celebrate Prosperity as a normal way of being.

The more we let God pour through our being in surrender and acceptance, the more our lives become easier and more graceful. It isn’t the easiest path. It takes discipline to see through appearances, but the rewards are great.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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