My Word is Power

Ernest Holmes wrote this in 1919. It is Quantum Physics: “We find that in the Universe every separate idea has a Word, a mental concept behind it, and as long as that word remains, the thing is held in place in the visible world; when the concept is withdrawn the idea in the visible melts away, disappears, it ceases to vibrate to the word, which is the law behind it, for when the word is withdrawn the condensation of the ether that forms the word melts again int the formless.”

Can you believe that your Word has Power? Behind every idea there is a Word that was put into place and is kept in place thus creating the experience or form that exists. If we remove our Power or our Word from that idea, everything has to follow. I believe this and I have seen it operate in my life every day.

I will use the example of the recent manifestation of our new home. We had an idea behind that home. We had the idea of the things we wanted to have in it and surrounding it. We even built a vision board for it to concretize it more firmly in our mind. This was our Word. “Our Word becomes the Law unto the thing for which it is spoken.”

At one point, we withdrew our Word. That happens when we allow doubt to come in and replace our faith. It happens when we begin to compromise and add confusion to our Word. However, when we can stand firmly in our Word – that is when we get the best results. We have to surrender the outcome and allow it to happen. We just KNOW. It should not be a struggle.

Does this mean we do not do anything? Well, in a sense, yes. We don’t struggle. We don’t strain. We don’t try to make it happen. We merely know and then follow the leads that we are given. As soon as we accept whatever it is that we have declared, it does appear. The Truth is, it is already here. It is all about accepting and allowing it.

Think of all the ideas we have every day. The ones we give the most power and conviction to are the ones that manifest. Our Word is Power. If we do not believe it works then it will appear to us as not working. It’s all about belief and its all about our Word.

I’ve seen this happen negatively in my life and positively. The beautiful thing is that you can shift your word at any time. You can create a new Word and a new experience.

The Science of Mind reading today was all about the attributes of a successful person. A successful person thinks success. She believes that the best is occurring and that her business affairs are always unfolding perfectly. The successful person does what is needed to be done and thinks success the whole way. She doesn’t get caught up in dramas or conflict. She merely knows that success is hers. She follows her intuition into an unfolding success. She is successful because she know that she is.


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