How Big Are Your Shoulders?

It has been quite a month. A lot has shifted in my consciousness. I am stepping into a larger life. What has come with that is lots of opportunities to shift and change and grow in all areas. When we ask for a larger life, it doesn’t mean the road will be easy breezy. And so, there have been many challenges. These challenges are opportunities. They are opportunities to test the size of my shoulders. They are opportunities to see if I really know what I say I know. As Ernest Holmes wrote, “…when things look the worst is when we can do our best work…”

A friend said that to me. He said, “Rita, we have big shoulders.” I think life meets us where we are. It gives us exactly what we need to grow and what we can handle. There is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so. It’s all about growing up. It wouldn’t be in front of us if it weren’t ours.

And so, this month has been about that. There has been more prosperity. There have been more opportunities to be on both ends of that: the giving and the receiving. More is expected of me.

There has also been more people shifting and changing around me. Some are leaving this plane of existence. Some are making choices for their lives that I get to witness. Some need my support. Some want me to step back.

I am here. I am learning how to take deep breaths and stay centered. I look beyond conditions and appearances and things look very different indeed.

This has been one of the most expansive months of my life. I am up for it. I am grateful for the many facets of life that have presented themselves. I am grateful to stay in my Power and to realize that this Power is right where I am, every ready to support me through anything.

My shoulders are big because they are God’s shoulders. Life doesn’t have to be heavy for us. We have everything it takes to experience all the Good life has to offer. When it doesn’t look like Good, look deeper. There is always a gift. Love is always there.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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