The Healing Journey

I do not call myself a healer, and yet that is what I do. What does healing mean in the context of the Science of Mind and Spirit? It merely means revealing the True Self. “It is the Practitioner’s job to uncover God in every person.” This is not something we do just when we are sitting in a session; it is the way we live all the time.

It is not always easy at first, but little by little it becomes easier. I have found that the more I can surrender my will, my expectations and my control of others and experiences, the better Practitioner I become. When I can meet everyone right where they are without judgement, the better Practitioner I can be.

God is perfect and each person is perfect right where and as they are. “It is the Practitioner’s job to uncover God in every person.” Beginning with myself, I uncover God within me. As I do this, I can see God everywhere and in every experience. Just because someone is having a hard time with something, is sick or suffering from low self-esteem, doesn’t mean that God is not present. God knows itself as we know ourselves. The more we know ourselves truthfully in spite of everything that is appearing, the more the Self reveals itself.

Today, I am learning to let go in an even deeper way. I am learning to let my light shine brighter. I am learning to cast that light outward onto everything that is occurring in my life. I am learning to trust myself above all else.

I’ve had plenty of experiences in life that have shown me that I can trust myself. I can trust my judgement. I can trust my ability to care for myself. I can trust life to show up for me in bigger and grander ways. I can trust that I am attracting just the right experiences and people into my life at just the right time. I can trust and I can let go.

I am a healer and all healing begins within the self. I think it is a continuous journey, not in the sense that there is something to fix, but in the sense that there is always more to reveal.

I think we should really bless ourselves for being willing to come to this earth experience with all the opportunities it has to offer us for growth. It is really quite heroic. I think we gave up a lot to come here, to have the veil pulled, but we would not have done it, if there weren’t even more to gain. Learning to KNOW is quite a journey of unfoldment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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