Do You Want to Live Big?

If you want to live big, live big. If you want to live small live small. These are the statements that have been coming to mind a lot lately. Over the last 20 years of my life since my divorce from my first/childhood marriage, I have been confronted with the choice to live bigger or smaller.

It seems that I have had a lid on my life. It has been a lid that has been slowly opening. This past few months, it seems to have finally blown off. If I want to live big, I have to live big in all areas. It isn’t just about having more stuff, a bigger home or more friends. It is about a bigger life all the way around. This might even include the challenges that appear.

As my life gets bigger, the challenges that used to seem bigger, actually get smaller. They get smaller, not because they’ve gone away, but because the consciousness I bring to them is larger. As I step into a higher consciousness, the Universe gives me more to process and grow through. This is what growing up is all about. There is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so. I think Shakespeare said that once in one of his plays.

I do want to live big. I am up for the challenges that stretch my consciousness and their rewards when I stretch. I am up for it all because I know that God is meeting everything with everything required at all times.

The only thing that can hold m back is my self-made obstacles that I use as distractions. Distractions serve the purpose of getting me off my growth spiral by stopping me in the world of form and making me think I can solve things there. Getting caught in conditions can be quite a distraction – a hamster’s wheel, so to speak. There is no solution but a spiritual solution and it comes with meeting everything with consciousness first.

Do you want to live big? If so, be ready to step into the arena with the knowing that you have everything you require to play on the bigger playground. It’s okay to grow in process because we can only go as far as our consciousness will take us. Sometimes consciousness growing is a process. And, once we make the quantum leap, it will seem like we did it instantaneously. We did.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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