Surrendering Control

I believe that everyday, I am asking myself to surrender more and more to the Infinite Love and Intelligence within me. It is really all of me. I express my life as it; however, sometimes, I (my small i) gets in the way.

What is that i? It is my individuality, the part of me that thinks I am separate and if I remain separate I can keep something going. It is an illusion of control of one’s life. If we could just transfer that idea of control to direction, it would be an easier ride.

We can direct our life, but we can not control it. Direction is being at the helm of our thoughts, whereas control is holding onto to how we think life should go. Usually, when I am in a state of control it is about controlling other people or outside circumstances.

I recently had an experience with our feral cats. I told the story in church yesterday, but it’s worth retelling in writing. There is a mama cat that birthed four kittens in a flower-pot on our lanai. We are getting ready to move and we knew we could not take them with us, so we had a plan. I did a Spiritual Mind Treatment that the highest outcome would be accomplished for all. However, then I began to do what we call outlining how it should unfold.  We called the humane society and our idea was to bring them in and put them up for adoption. After the mother weaned them, we would have her fixed and keep her. She’s really friendly. Well,

I decided it would be a good idea to remove the kittens from the flower-pot and put them in a pet carrier. I was sure the mom would go in and I’d just zip it up. I had it all planned and in control.  However, instinct and the freedom of Nature had another idea. The mom, when finding her kittens in a different place proceeded to take them one by one and move them under our house and out of my reach. All my plans of how I thought this whole thing  would work out were gone in an instant.  Mama and babies are now left to Nature.

This is just a small experience of how I can sometimes think I can outline and control and outcome. I prayed/treated for the highest outcome for this event. Mama took care of herself and her babies. This was the highest outcome, perhaps not mine, but I have to believe it is the highest outcome.

Surrender doesn’t mean that we do not act. It doesn’t mean that we just give it over to whatever. Surrender is about being direct with our thoughts, doing what is ours to do, and then getting out-of-the-way of how things play out. In the case of the kitties, there was nothing wrong with what I did, but in the end I had to surrender to another bigger idea.

I have to trust that things are always unfolding for the highest good. It either is or it isn’t. I believe it always is.  I am taking this idea of surrender deeper into my daily living. It definitely assists me in being more direct with my thoughts and more trusting in the Law of my Being that is always bringing my highest good through me and to me.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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