We are Moving

We are moving and by May 12, we will be completely moved into our new home. Moving is quite a process. It contains many emotions from excitement to stress from joy to nostalgia. However, we get to choose all the emotions and how we will experience them. I heard a quote this morning: “We tend to seek for happiness, when happiness is a choice.” Do I really believe this? I would have to say yes.

What I’ve come to learn is that I can be happy no matter what is going on in my life. How do I define happiness? Well, I know it is not about jumping around saying all is well and throwing daisies into the air as I dance. All thought that can be an effect of happiness; happiness is more than that. Happiness, to me, is knowing that all is well. It is a deep contentment that occurs when I know that I am safe and secure. This safety and security doesn’t come because of outside occurrences. It comes from deep knowing. It cannot be shaken. So, you see, happiness is Cause and living from Cause is a choice. It is a way of thinking that results in a happy life.

So, as we move this week and next, what I am knowing is that just like happiness is a choice so are all the other myriad of emotions that I am feeling. I am knowing that everything is getting done with ease and grace. I am knowing that I am getting enough rest and that I can balance work and rest throughout this transition.

I know that this move is Divinely ordained so I know that I am up for it in all ways. I am grateful for all the assistance that is coming to us in the form of physical assistance, financial abundance, knowledge, physical stamina, organization, and more.

Life is a mirror and reflects back to me what I think into it. If I think this will be difficult it will. If I think it is easy, it is. That is the way it works. This includes moving our feral cats to their new home and knowing that those who come will come and those who decide to stay here are just fine and supported by Nature.

I sit in joyous expectation for this next evolution of Patrick Feren and Rita Andriello-Feren. It is unfolding perfectly.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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