I was motivated to look up why whales breach. I was going to use the topic for a talk I was giving about our inner power. The answer I found was not what I expected. Although many scientists had many reasons they thought might be the answer to why whales breach; in fact, not one was really certain?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we want what we want? People have asked us why we need to live in a large home? I remember a story about Edwene Gaines the Unity Minister, motivational speaker and author answering the question of why she needed an expensive car with “Because I want it.”

In regards to my first question why do I want a big, nice home, the answer is plainly because I want it. I don’t feel like I should have to explain myself. I just makes me feel good. Life, for me, is supposed to feel good for a myriad of reasons. Acquiring the consciousness to accept this home is growing me up and pouring out into other areas of my life.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that we should go after the things we want and we  should have them as long as they hurt no one. I agree. Me having a nice home doesn’t hurt anyone; in fact, I would hope it would inspire others to realize that they can have those things they desire also.

We are each unique individuals, requiring different things and experiences in order to express ourselves. I believe there is always more and that life moves forward and upward. We don’t have to explain why we want the things we want. Whether I want to live in a big home or whether I truly feel happy living in a tent on the beach, it is my choice.

There is a woman who lives on the streets here. She’s been arrested for living at the bus stop for many reasons. She lived there for well over a year. When she was released from jail, she found a way to still live on the streets without obstructing the bus stop. She just wants to live on the streets. She considers it her spiritual mission. If you met her, you wouldn’t doubt her sincerity or her choice. It is not my business to understand why she wants this?

Sometimes, I think we distract ourselves from our own lives by trying to figure out everyone elses life. There is a saying: Mind your own business. “Mind” your own business. In other words, keep your stewardship over your own mind, the things you want and the life you choose to live. If it hurts no one and give you joy, peace and happiness, why not? You’ll know the answer and that’s all that matters.

I am part of a movement of growing consciousness. Growing consciousness is not about acquiring things, but making room for a more expansive life. That expansive life is going to show up differently for everyone. The important thing to remember is that it is all consciousness and it is all unique to each of us. I believe that we should be more concerned with why we don’t have the experiences we desire. That answer will help us to grow our souls into a whole new way of being…if we are willing to release those whys.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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