It’s All Perfect

It’s Perfection week in Mental Muscle Boot Camp, an online workshop I am taking with Dr. James Mellon. Now, I’ve taken this workshop over a dozen times in an almost 10 year period. It is a great process and if you really work it, your life will take on new dimensions. You will rewire your thinking and thus change your life. I am living proof.

I am finding that as I work the Principles of each week yet again, I still discover the new and am able to go deeper. My life is all about going deeper into knowing who I am and living it. It is a process.

So, it’s perfection week and many thoughts and ideas are coming forward. Many people dear to me are having health challenges. I just experienced the passing of my mom. I am witnessing people having financial upheavals. I am witnessing people making amazing breakthroughs in many areas of their lives.

Is it all perfect? We say that a lot in this philosophy. We have to be careful that we are not giving lip service. What do we mean when we use that term – It’s all perfect? Are we really delving into it and saying it from a place of knowing that we are more than what might be occurring in our relative world, or are we just spiritually by-passing the real issues underneath our relative experience?

When I use the term It’s all perfect while experiencing a challenge, I am reflecting upon the journey of my evolution. I understand that what is occurring in my life is part of my spiritual awakening and although it might be a difficult passage I understand that it is part of that awakening. I then know that I can change the experience by changing my beliefs behind it, by surrendering myself to a higher knowing.

There was a time when I didn’t understand this. I’d just say it was all perfect when it really wasn’t. I’d be looking at a zero balance in my checkbook or a health issue and just blurt out the words, thinking somehow that would take care of it, when all the time I was denying my part in it. I’d say it without taking ownership for what was going on.

Responsibility has been key to my spiritual growth. When I take responsibility for what is happening in my life, then I know I can make changes. It’s not all perfect when I am suffering or stressed or not taking care of myself. I can’t just rush through life without pausing and really looking at what’s going on and then taking spiritual action.

Ernest Holmes once wrote while reflecting on our perfection,  “While man does not have the ability to destroy the idea of himself, he does have the ability to deface it, to make it appear discordant, but he cannot destroy the Divine image.”

We are perfect. Uncovering that perfection is what each of our individual journeys are about. The more we uncover that perfection in every experience, the more forgiving we are of our trips and falls and scratch marks. We see the perfection of the whole journey. It is quite beautiful, and I wouldn’t want to miss one moment of it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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