Who Gave Me Life?

Who gave me life? That is my thought today on Mother’s Day. I read this scientific explanation of how a baby takes its first breath. It was quite intense and involved and amazing. I suggest that if you ever doubt the very Power that you came from, the Power that sustains you, that you read it and meditate upon it. You might never doubt again that you are up to everything that Life presents.

But, back to my question: who gave me life? Although my mother was my way here to earth, she did not give me life. She made a decision to have a baby, made love with my father, and she became pregnant. I was the outcome. There is more to me than my mom’s decision. I have to play into that equation because I believe we are always at choice.

I believe that I made a decision to be here on earth and our decisions matched up. It wasn’t happenstance. Life is always Divinely directed and we are those directors. Did I plan to have my mother as my mother? I think I needed certain evolutionary challenges and blessings in order to grow spiritually and she matched with that. If this is true, the same would be true for her. She needed certain evolutionary challenges and blessings and I matched hers. I did not say “she’s the one,” but it was an energetic match up. I got the perfect mother and she got the perfect daughter.

Wow! When I think of it all this way, I understand that the Divine Infinite Intelligence gave me life. I was Its way of expressing itself. It took a lot to get me here. When you think about the birth process from beginning to that first breath of life, you can see that there can be no happenstance to it all. It is Divinely directed and we each play our part.

That Life Force that brought me here, continues to express through me at all times. That breath of life that breathes through me never leaves me. I can hold it, but not for long. It lets me know what stirs my passions when I give a gasp of awe or pleasure. It lets me know when I am off-center because I am breathing shallowly.

We call it prana. We call it mana. We call it breath. Whatever we call it, it is us. Martha Graham the dancer and choreographer wrote it most profoundly when she said, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expressions is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

We are Divine beings, and as Ernest Holmes wrote, ““Every breath you breathe bespeaks your eternal alliance with life.”

I bless my mom today for assisting me in the journey here and all she did for me in all ways as I grew up. I know that even though she is not here today, we are still connected. The connection, the breath that breathes us all together is eternal. We are all playing together in this grand mystery, this playground that we call Life. I believe if we would trust it, live in tuned with our Life Force and leave the hows to the Law of our being that brings it all together for our highest Good at all times, there is nothing we could not do, be or have.

When I say leave the hows to the Law of our Being I mean that we do not have to try to figure out how something is going to happen. I could never have figured out how to pick the perfect mom, but once I was intent on getting here and had a purpose behind that, I attracted a like Energy. This is the way the Creative Process works in everything. That’s another blog in itself.

Love and Aloha and Happy Mothers Day!

Rev. Rita


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