Let It Go!

There is a Power within each of us that can heal everything. Healing isn’t just about physical ailments. It is so much more than that.

If you’ve been reading these blogs, you know we have been moving. One of the most trying experiences about this particular move has been our feral cats. When we moved into our last house we were left with four cats, which even though we did our best to spay and neuter, multiplied to eight in two years. Many tell us we never should have fed them. However could ofsshould ofs matter little when you are in the middle of the funnel.

I do not feel bad about the past, but I am left with the fact that we are about to desert the feral cats that refused to be trapped. The word “desert” is my word and I am re-framing the whole thing now. I am not deserting these cats; they just plain don’t want to come.

I am a practitioner and what I know is that this experience can have a healing. It has to start with me. What am I projecting onto these cats through my incessant worry about their welfare. I notice that when I look at them I am projecting my thoughts on their expressions. “They look so sad!” or “They are worried,” are some of the things I am thinking.

At the beginning of this move, I affirmed through Spiritual Mind Treatment that the highest good for all would be expressed. We would do our best to take the cats, but if they refused to go, we had to take that as a sign that they wanted to stay. Only one cat has come and that is one that is fairly domesticated. The rest were on to us and our traps quickly and obviously have other plans. In fact, I am seeing less and less of them as the days of the move progress even though there is still some food out.

So, here we are. Healing is taking place. Healing is about having a clear consciousness about the experience. It is about knowing the highest outcome. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Realizing that conscious thought operates through a Power which is Infinite, we see there can be no limit to the power to heal, other than the limit of our ability to conceive that Power as healing. We are limited, not by Principle, but by our own inability to see perfection. Our thought can bring out a condition as perfect as we can conceive.”

I either believe this or not. It either is or it isn’t. I do believe and I know it is. This experience in the feral world is unfolding in the most perfect way. I stick to it and get out-of-the-way of how it happens. This is one of those ways that I have written of in the last few days where I can see life as perfect, not through lip service, but through a heart filled with love, faith and trust that all is well. It’s about letting go and letting God. When we’ve done all that we can, we have to trust that the Universe will take it the rest of the way.

Just like Merlin in this picture found her perfect home, so will all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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