I Know Nothing. Now, What Can I Know?

There has been a lot of upheaval in many of the lives around me. For example, everyone in my immediate family (son and daughters and myself) have moved within the last year. All but one, have moved in the last three months. It seems like everyday I get notice of someone being diagnosed with a serious dis-ease. Many of those close to me are feeling, what I call Divine discontent, which is pushing them to make big changes in their lives, – quit jobs, sell homes, move, travel, etc. I am feeling that nudge that something is brewing – A Big Change!

This morning as I sit here in meditation, I ask what is this all about?  To tell you the truth, I do not know, and I am willing to sit in the unknown for a bit. I am willing to have faith that all of what is happening is for everyone’s highest good and that it is all part of what is occurring on this planet now – CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. I believe we are healing and that everything is coming up as a reflection of that healing – including the floods we just experienced here on Kaua’i and the volcano eruption on the Island of Hawaii. Change although it is always for the better, doesn’t always look that way in process.

If you are a writer or artist of any kind, I’m sure you can identify with the creative process. You sit there with  your project in front of you, and then as you begin, there is that time of blankness and then a time, of what I call the creative mess – everything is all over the place and nothing seems to be coming together. However, if you allow the process to move through you, everything does settle and the Divine idea comes forth. The project is complete and you sit in awe in the mystery of how it all happened.

Perhaps that is what is happening for us here on Planet Earth. We are moving into a new way of Being. We are letting go of the old ways and we have a new way in front of us. We are not quite sure of how it will unfold. We struggle because of resistance and wanting to hold on to what is familiar. Some of us are not quite sure of what we want or what our place is in this whole process. However, Divine urge and that Divine discontent pushes us to know more even though we do not know what that more is. We are sitting amidst the creative process and it is uncomfortable to be in that unknown.

I believe what I am being called to do is to allow the process to move through me. Perhaps, I am not so sure what is next and that is okay. I know what I believe and I know the Power I am working with is making itself known through me in the most perfect way. If I think I know everything, I will not be able to allow the more to come through. However, if I know who I am, I have a vehicle and avenue for it to come forth in new and amazing ways.

I will do what is mine to do today, moment by moment and allow for the miracles. I will trust that everyone else is in their perfect place; and if there is something I need to do to assist, I’ll know that too.

In every great change in the world, something has to be let go of and something has to be assimilated. I believe we are in that process right now. It’s all here. We are not creating anything. We are merely allowing it with a greater consciousness than we’ve had up to this point. I know nothing, now what can I know?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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