What is My Assignment Today?

I just read an article by Dr. Michael Beckwith. There were two things in the article that struck me. One was his vision statement for Agape of serving humanity through “spiritual practice, sacred service and unconditional love.” The other was the question he asks himself every morning: “What is my assignment today?”

What is my assignment today is a perfect question. It is the same as asking one of my favorite questions: what is mine to do today?

We have so many choices everyday of where we invest our time and energy. If we were more focused on what was our’s to do, we might let the less important, mundane and what I call the “wiggly igglies” fall away. Sometimes, I just spend too much time focused on things that are really none of my business. Things like the way people are acting or not living up to my expectations. Things I can’t control and are not mine to control.

What is my assignment today or what is mine to do today keeps me more focused on my Divine purpose. It moves my life in a positive direction. Please do not confuse the question with a “to do list.” When I ask for my assignment or mine to do, I am focused on how I can best serve the world and the people around me and my own vision. What moves me to act and bring my life more in alignment with the giving of my gifts. The question also allows the Universe to place in front of me those things that are mine to do. I might find myself in a chance meeting or showing up at just the right time somewhere to assist. When I ask myself this profound question, I am opening my heart to service.

This brings me to the Agape vision of sacred service. I have always been one who loves service. I have always been one who jumped in and got involved wherever I was. I didn’t mind mundane tasks like cleaning, making coffee. I did whatever was asked of me. I look back on it now and I see that this is what brought me to where I am today – a spiritual leader, still in service. What is sacred service? It is the giving of your gifts no matter where you are. It isn’t about what you are doing, it is about how you are showing up.

Can you imagine the world if everyone asked themselves the question of “What is my assignment today?” and let their lives be led by being in sacred service? I believe we’d have angels appearing everywhere at just the right time with just what was needed in every given situation.

What is my assignment today? I allow it to unfold.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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